Construction Accident Lawyers Talk Trench Collapses

Oct 13, 2015 | admin

Excavation is an essential part of construction, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 271 workers died between 2000-2006 from trench collapses and cave-ins.

The Maryland construction accident lawyers at ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers explain that recently a Columbia, Maryland, construction worker was injured on the job as the result of a trench collapse. The incident occurred at around 7:45 p.m. on Oct. 10.

NBC 4 Washington News reports the worker was digging a trench for a waterline at a construction site located on Barchink Place when the walls of the hole suddenly collapsed. The worker was trapped beneath dirt piled up to his chest and emergency crews were called to the scene to free the victim. The worker was then taken to a local hospital for treatment.

At CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers, we want to help construction workers stay safe on the job. That’s why we suggest these tips for working near trenches or ditches:

  • Plan Ahead– Before digging, have local utility companies come out to measure and mark where service lines are located.
  • Use Protective Systems– When digging trenches; make sure the walls of the hole are properly supported.
  • Remove Dangerous Surroundings– Make sure all ladders, scaffolding and other equipment are away from the edge of a trench.
  • Be Aware– Do not enter an unprotected ditch. Furthermore, exit any trench that shows signs of a collapse, such as accumulating water.

Our Maryland personal injury lawyers hope these tips help to keep you and your loved ones safe on a construction site.

Speed Limits Increase in Hopes of Preventing Car Accidents

Oct 06, 2015 | admin

It’s a well-known fact that speed is a major contributing factor in many car and truck accidents. Estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show as many as one-third of fatal crashes list speed as a cause.

Despite these findings, the state of Maryland is currently raising the speed limits on one of its major interstates. Officials claim raising the speed limit along the highway may actually reduce the chances of motorists being involved in Maryland car accidents.

According to The Washington Post, the State Highway Administration (SHA) is boosting the speed limit along Interstate 68 between the West Virginia border and the city of Hancock in Washington County to 70 mph. Officials say the move is being made because of increases in traffic volume, as well as shifts in driver behavior.

SHA engineers theorize that raising the speed limit on I-68 will reduce aggressive driving and lower the speed differentials between vehicles, thus reducing crashes.

With these new speed limits going into effect on Oct 1, the Maryland personal injury attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers are anxious to see the impact on accident rates along this particular stretch of road. We would also like to remind Maryland’s motorists that not all accidents can be avoided.

What You Need to Know About the VW Emissions Scandal

Oct 01, 2015 | admin

An investigation into the efficiency of the emissions systems on certain makes and models of Volkswagen (VW) vehicles has concluded the company manipulated lab test data using a piece of software. The motive? To show the vehicles had lower emission levels than they were actually putting out. Now, our defective product lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO take a look at what led to the discovery of the misconduct, as well as what the future may hold for VW.

Defeat Devices

More than 11 million Volkswagen and Audi diesel vehicles worldwide have been equipped with what’s known as a “defeat device.” This small computer chip allows vehicles to cheat emissions tests by showing lower levels of nitrogen oxide are being expelled from the engine of the car or truck.

How Was the Problem Discovered?

Two researchers hoped to prove that diesel engines could be a clean alternative to gasoline powered cars, so they drove several different VW vehicles from San Diego to Seattle, measuring emission levels the entire way; however, when the pair examined the data they had collected, they found the vehicles had expelled more nitrogen oxide than VW advertised. In fact, the emissions were as much as 40 times greater than the legal limit.

Is My Car Affected?

As many as 482,000 American vehicles have been recalled in the wake of the VW emissions scandal. The vehicles include VW Jettas, Golfs, Passats, Beetles, and Audi A3s made between 2009 and 2015.

What Should I Do If My Car Is Part of the Recall?

Volkswagen has accepted responsibility for the faulty emissions systems and will be repairing all affected vehicles free of charge; however, you could face long-term costs.

VW Emission Scandal Lawsuits

More than two-dozen lawsuits have already been filed against VW, with owners claiming they suffered losses caused by declining vehicle values. Some plaintiffs also allege they paid higher prices for supposedly cleaner-running, environmentally friendly makes and models. According to The Wall Street Journal, attorneys are hoping to consolidate the cases soon.

Finding Resolution

Filing civil litigation in a defective product case like this can be a step toward finding closure to losses you may have suffered as the result of a company or individual’s negligence. Our personal injury lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers are hopeful a decision in the VW emissions scandal case brings a sense of resolution to those who have been affected by this particular case of corporate misconduct.

Elderly Patients More Likely to Suffer From Spinal Cord Injuries

Sep 25, 2015 | admin

Up to 34 people will suffer a serious spinal cord injury every day according to estimates from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center. When it comes to spinal cord injuries, the sooner they can be diagnosed and treated, the better the chances a patient will fully recover. Given that time is such an important factor in the treatment of these injuries, it is concerning that many elderly victims of spinal cord injuries may be waiting a long time to receive the care they need due to the negligence of caregivers.

In September 2015, a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal examined 1,440 patients who suffered a spinal cord injury. The Hamilton Spectator reports the results of that study show an increased rate in the number of senior patients who die in hospitals after suffering a spinal cord injury. This is particularly concerning because older patients tended to have less severe spinal cord injuries than the younger patients examined in the study.

The researches who wrote the study say there are several factors that could be causing the increased rate of death after these injuries, such as a patient’s reluctance to undergo treatments necessary to heal the injury. However, the negligence of caregivers could also be a factor, as doctors and medical staff may tend to prioritize the treatment of younger patients over elderly patients who may have several complications and shorter life expectancy due to their age.

Everyone has a right to quality, informed, responsible medical care, no matter their age or type of injury. Our Virginia personal injury attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO are here to help if you or your loved one suffered a spinal cord injury, especially if you believe you did not receive the care and attention your injury deserved. Learn more about how we can help by visiting our website.

Three On-The-Job Injuries Commonly Reported by Metro Workers

Sep 15, 2015 | admin

The city of Washington, D.C., employees thousands of workers, but being a Metro employee can also come with certain safety risks. A new report from NBC Washington examines some of the most recent and common workplace accidents that have affected the safety and health of Metro workers.

Public records indicate that a total of 19 Metro workers were injured during the incident that occurred earlier this year at L’Enfant Plaza, in which a train and tunnel filled with smoke. Each suffered respiratory conditions and one police officer has still not fully recovered. That individual is currently receiving workers’ compensation benefits while another worker remains on light duty.

Exposure to toxic fumes may have injured dozens of workers during the L’Enfant Plaza incident; however, data indicates slip and fall accidents are the leading causes of work-related injuries involving city employees in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

The most disturbing causes of injury reported by Metro workers were acts of violence. Police officers often report being injured attempting to apprehend suspects and many bus drivers are injured when they are assaulted by passengers attempting to board their bus without paying the fare.

With so many workers being injured, our legal staff at CHASENBOSCOLO believes being aware of the risks you face while working is the first step towards creating a safer work environment; however, we also know it’s important for employees in both the public and private sectors to be aware of their rights to a safe and healthy work environment in the event an accident does occur. You can learn more about the options and resources a workers’ compensation attorney can provide by visiting our website.

$200 Million Offered to Settle Transvaginal Mesh Failure Lawsuits

Sep 08, 2015 | admin

Transvaginal mesh is used to support the body’s organs following surgery to correct a condition known as pelvic organ prolapse in female patients. But the device can deteriorate or become embedded in body tissue, causing pain, irritation, or perforation of the organs that requires further surgery to correct.

Thousands of transvaginal mesh failure cases have been reported over the years, and many have resulted in lawsuits against the manufacturers of the devices. Now, many of these cases may soon be resolved as the result of a proposed settlement agreement.

Reports from Bloomberg Business indicate transvaginal mesh maker, C.R. Bard, Inc., has offered an agreement that would bring an end to roughly 3,000 transvaginal mesh failure lawsuits. If the terms of the settlement are approved, roughly 20 percent of all transvaginal mesh failure lawsuits will be resolved.

Documents show that Bard would pay $200 million to those harmed by their product. Individual victims would receive roughly $67,000 for their injuries and damages.

The decision to settle comes in the wake of Bard recently being ordered to pay $2 million to a woman injured by the company’s transvaginal mesh.

Victims of faulty medical devices deserve compensation for their damages, and the defective product lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers hope a settlement is agreed upon that helps bring closure to patients harmed by transvaginal mesh.

Avoid a Car Accident During the Labor Day Weekend

Sep 01, 2015 | admin

The Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and for many residents of the Mid-Atlantic, that means traveling for the long weekend. With more than 740,000 Washington, D.C., citizens planning to hit the roads and highways in the coming days, it’s important to be aware of the elevated risk of motor vehicle collisions an increase in traffic volume can bring.

To help keep you and your loved ones safe during the upcoming holiday weekend, our Washington, D.C., car accident lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers would like to offer you these tips:

  • Plan Ahead- Research the routes you plan to travel. This can help you to avoid congested traffic brought on by accidents, construction, or even weather.
  • Leave Early- Allow yourself plenty of extra time to reach your destination.
  • Buckle Up- Wearing a seatbelt or placing children in a car seat will help to reduce your chances of injury or death if you’re involved in a crash.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive– Never get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or certain medications. Instead, use a designated driver or cab to get home safely. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s SaferRide App can help you get in touch with someone to give you a ride if you’re out and have had too much to drink.
  • Obey the Law– This means obeying traffic signals, avoiding distractions while behind the wheel and no speeding.

Helping to protect the safety of motorists on the road is a priority for our Washington, D.C., personal injury attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers and we’re hopeful these tips help you to have fun and safe Labor Day travels.

Reducing Maryland Pedestrian Accident Totals

Aug 27, 2015 | admin

School is back in session across the Mid-Atlantic, and that means children will be walking, biking, and riding to institutions of learning in their neighborhoods. Our pedestrian accident lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers point out that with a higher volume of foot traffic around schools comes an increased risk of collisions between cars and pedestrians.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2013, a total of 3 children were killed and another 470 were injured every day as the result of a traffic crash. That same year, 236 children were killed as the result of being struck by a vehicle.

These startling statistics have prompted many citizens and organizations in our area to work towards preventing pedestrian accidents, as the school year gets under way.

The Capital Gazette released an article about how the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has launched the “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” campaign in order to raise the public’s awareness about the importance of remaining vigilant when walking to school or driving in and near school zones. The article also featured several motorist safety tips that highlighted ways you can reduce the chances of being involved in a Maryland pedestrian accident.

Our legal staff at ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers believes in the importance of protecting pedestrian safety and rights. That’s why our team of Maryland personal injury lawyers is hopeful the efforts being made to prevent motor vehicle collisions involving young children traveling to or leaving school are effective.

“Route 29 Batman” Killed in Maryland Auto Accident

Aug 19, 2015 | admin

As children, we grow up thinking that super heroes are invincible. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. This past weekend, the man that was known as the “Route 29 Batman” died as the result of a traffic accident that occurred along Interstate 70 outside of Hagerstown, Maryland.

The 51-year-old “Batman” was a businessman by day, but took on The Dark Knight’s persona as a way to bring smiles to children who were hospitalized with serious illnesses. He gained national attention in 2012 when a video of him being stopped by Maryland Highway Patrol in a black Lamborghini customized to look like the Batmobile went viral.

That same vehicle was the one found to be responsible for the hero’s death on August 16. An article from USA Today explains the car began to have trouble on Sunday evening, prompting the victim to pull over on the shoulder of the road to inspect the engine. The vehicle was still partially in the left lane of the road when a passing Toyota Camry struck it from behind. The impact of the collision caused the Lamborghini to jolt forward, striking and killing the victim.

This was a tragic and preventable accident, which is why our Maryland auto accident lawyers at ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers would like to send our deepest and most sincere condolences to the family of a man who touched so many lives. We would also like to offer these tips on how to stay safe if your car breaks down on the side of the road:

  • Pull Over to Safety– If you can make it off the main roadway to an area like a parking lot, do so. If you cannot drive any further, be sure to pull off the roadway entirely. Also, try not to stop on a curve or hill that could prevent other motorists from seeing you.
  • Make Yourself Visible– Once stopped, turn on your emergency flashers so others can recognize your stopped vehicle.
  • Stay in the Car or Truck– Many people are killed each year when they are struck by another automobile while near a stranded vehicle.
  • Call for Assistance– Rather than evaluate your vehicle’s issue on the side of the road, call a mechanic or tow truck to have it taken somewhere the problem can be examined safely.

At CHASENBOSCOLO, we know how quickly lives can be altered by a serious accident. Our deepest condolences go out to the family of the victim.