Nursing Home Scandal Leaves Hundreds Homeless

Jan 06, 2017 | admin

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is a tough decision to make. You’d probably like to provide the around-the-clock care they need yourself, but sometimes that’s not possible. So you find the best facility their Medicare or Medicaid will cover and expect that facility to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Unfortunately, one nursing home provider in Maryland is putting profits before patients, leaving hundreds of nursing home residents homeless.

The state’s attorney general recently filed a lawsuit against Neiswanger Management Services (NMS), alleging the nursing home provider booted residents from their facilities when their Medicare coverage ran out. Many of these displaced residents were illegally relocated even though their bills were paid in full. The lawsuit claims that NMS targeted these vulnerable residents because Medicare-covered patients are worth twice as much money as those covered by Medicaid.

Over the past 17 months, NMS facilities discharged more than 1,000 residents compared to 500 from all other nursing homes in the state combined. To make matters worse, NMS claims their profit-focused, bed-turning strategy is completely legal and that they’ve done nothing wrong.

The nursing home abuse attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO are actively following this case and urge any NMS victims or their families to call us immediately to better understand your rights. Nursing home facilities in Maryland like NMS have an obligation to the residents under their care, and our team is ready to hold them to that obligation.

If you suspect your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact us today for a free consultation. Your aging loved one deserves better. Let us fight to get them the justice they deserve.

Nursing Home Abuse Investigation Focuses on Negligence

Nov 03, 2015 | admin

The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that this year, caregivers will intentionally harm 1-in-10 U.S. citizens age 65 or older. Yet many of these victims will never be hit or even verbally assaulted. The nursing home abuse lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers explain that’s because neglecting patients is one of the most common types of nursing home abuse today.

The case of an 80-year-old patient with dementia who died after wandering away from a picnic in a Upper Marlboro, Maryland, nursing home illustrates the damage that negligent care can cause.

Reports from WUSA 9 News say the victim attended the picnic at Watkins Regional Park in September. Caregivers from the Woodmore House were aware of the patient’s condition and his need for constant supervision, but the staff left the patient alone for ten minutes—enough time for him to walk away and become lost. His body was found in October in a nearby park.

An investigation into the incident found the patient’s caregivers had not only deviated from the care plan, they also failed to immediately report the missing patient to the Maryland Office of Health Care Quality. Investigators found Woodmore House staff contacted the agency regarding the incident three days after it occurred.

The team at ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers understand how devastating the loss of a loved one to negligent care can be, and we would like to send our condolences to the family of the victim.