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how to prevent car accidentsEvery time you get behind the wheel of a car, you take on the great responsibility to drive carefully for the safety of yourself and others. Car accidents can lead to serious, life-threatening, and sometimes fatal injuries. Surviving a car accident could mean years of recovery, and your life as you knew it may be forever altered.

There’s no way for you to predict the actions of others. You don’t know when a negligent motorist is going to cause a collision that could seriously injure you. What you can do, however, is be aware of some things that are in your control that could reduce your risk of being severely injured in a car accident.

#1: Buckle Up

It may sometimes feel like a nuisance to buckle up that seatbelt every time you get in a car. If it’s just a quick trip to your neighborhood convenience store, you may second-guess the necessity of wearing your seatbelt. The decision is simple: wearing your seatbelt could save your life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a nearly 50 percent reduction in the risk of serious injury and death in car accidents when seatbelts are worn by motorists and passengers.

#2: Don’t Skip the Check-Up

Keep up with regular maintenance and inspections of your vehicle. Parts that are crucial to the safe operation of your vehicle could lead to serious accidents if they fail while you’re driving. A qualified car mechanic can inform you of any of your vehicle’s parts that may need to be repaired or replaced.

#3: Follow the Law

It should go without saying that it’s important that you follow all traffic and driving laws when you’re on the road. Speeding, for example, is a common cause of car accidents. While you can’t control whether other motorists will abide by legal speed limits, you can ensure that you’re following the law to reduce the likelihood that you’ll cause a car accident in which you or others could be badly injured.

Using proper turn signals and driving a vehicle with fully functioning brake lights, as is required by law, can prevent you from being involved in a collision. If you need to wear eyeglasses or contacts lenses in order to see clearly enough to drive safely, be sure to always wear them when you’re driving.

#4: Be Attentive

Distracted driving is a frequent cause of collisions. Whether you’re looking at your phone, looking in your mirror, or digging through a fast-food bag for the french fries at the bottom of the bag, these distractions take your eyes and hands off the road where your sole focus should be. Speaking on the phone, even hands-free, or talking to passengers in the back seat of your vehicle could be equally distracting, even if your eyes aren’t off the road for long. Do your best to eliminate any potential distractions while you’re driving.

#5: Drive When You’re at Your Best

You’re likely well aware of the slogan, “Don’t drink and drive.” Every motorist should adhere to it. Driving while intoxicated is dangerous. So even when you feel like you can drive after only having one drink, don’t risk it. Similarly, refrain from driving when you’re tired. Research shows that fatigued driving can have similar effects on motorists as intoxicated driving.

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