Client Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from former clients describing their experience working with the Injury Lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO:

“I had several cases with you guys and he was a new one. I’m so glad David Kapson represented me. Out of 10, I would give him a 15. He argued what he needed to argue and never backed down from the other attorney. I am very satisfied with him and everything he did for my case.”

— Anonymous Client


“Hello Michael,
I want to personally thank you for the continual support you provide my family through our hardship. Your services are exceptional and I could not have asked for a better attorney. ChasenBoscolo is fortunate to have you on their team. Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you.”

— La Ressa P.


“I just wanted to take this time to say “whether I win, lose, or draw,” I am honored to have had the pleasure of your excellent and second-to-none professional representation. You gave me my day in court and allowed me to tell my story, and you also reminded me of why I love this great country of ours. You are a damn good attorney, and yeah you were right when you said the TRUTH is a bad mother…
God bless and talk with you soon.”

– Tony L.


“Dear Mr. Reiter:
My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your firm for your assistance. You are a wonderful team, and I will certainly recommend your legal expertise. You have a very welcoming and calm spirit about you, and we thank you for that. It was only with all your help and guidance that we were able to get through this difficult period. You have a wonderful staff and it is nice to see this firm work in such a professional manner.”

— Wayne R.


“I will never forget how ChasenBoscolo took care of my mom, my sister’s estate and me from beginning to end. From what I recollect, you guys were like extended family—always calling, keeping in touch and being genuine and sincere. It’s great to see that you guys are still around today, taking care of your clients with the same notion. Please continue to help people and families like ours who have lost loved ones from car accidents.”

— Jamikia Y.


“I was just thinking about the level of professionalism with all the individuals associated with this firm. I am completely satisfied with the way my claim was handled.”

— Barbara L.


“I really feel like you had my own best interests at heart. My lawyer felt like a big brother to me and I could speak to him straight up. I really appreciate that.”

— Phyllis J.


“I greatly appreciated having a case manager. I was always kept informed of what was going on. It helped to be able to speak to someone when my attorney wasn’t available.”

— Marion J.


“My attorney made me feel like my case was just as important as any multi-million dollar case. I could not thank you enough.”

— Yvonne C.


“Professional, efficient, and effective. I definitely chose the right firm.”

— Mary B.


“My attorney was top notch! His professionalism and experience assisted me in a great way. Thank you very much.”

— Rebecca B.


“My attorney was almost perfect. I did not expect him to do miracles, but I can attest that he is one of the best attorneys under the sun. I will proudly recommend people use your services.”

— Eveline G.


“My lawyer was honest and voiced his opinion about matters.”

— Markeita W.


“Nothing to improve, very good and helpful.”

— John H.


“I was very impressed and satisfied with the professional service I received from this law firm.”

— Laura T.


“Would recommend to friends and associates.”

— Richard H.

“I had a workermans comp claim handled by Mr. Boscolo. The professionalism, dedication and understanding of the team far exceeded my expectations. At all times, I was kept updated with my case. Tara Trado, Rob Garza and Mr. Boscolo were efficient and extremely competent and I will always be grateful for the award I received. I can assure you that I will refer people to this team. Again, thank you for an outstanding job. Happy client.

– Anonymous  Client

Ben took my case when I was desperate and lost. He worked tirelessly to get me worker’s comp in DC for a chemical long term injury I suffered at work. He succeeded where other lawyers just gave up.
He got the DC Worker’s Comp to agree I was permanently partially disabled in 2004.
Without his ongoing help, I would be a bag lady or dead.
He and his team have been amazing over all these years.

- Susan stars

Experienced, professional, and personable attorneys who genuinely care about each client

- Melody Miles Haynes stars

I was treated like I was the only customer they head

- Gloria Johnson stars

I have faith that my workman’s comp case will be handled affect by my lawyer

- John Taylor stars

Mr. Teodori – I’m so thankful you took the time to review my case and give me sound advise. This extension of kindness and thoughtfulness is what separates good legal firms from the GREAT ones. You guys are awesome.

- Myrna G. stars

Very nice lawyer

- Clara Richardson stars

They were friendly and went the extra mile for my case.My attorney Dave is the best!

- Sharon Bradshaw stars

Very helpful and friendly while moving forward.

- Christi Chilcote stars

Very knowledgeable and cares deeply about everyone they work with. Highly recommend!

- Jonathan April stars

My experience with ChasenBoscolo has been excellent. They call me to see how it am doing and to give me an update on my case.

- Geraldine Campbell stars

Excellent staff – incredibly helpful! Truly lawyers that care!

- James Preville stars

Service I have received thus far has been impeccable. Both the legal assistant and my attorney have kept me in the loop every step of the way.

- Willie Piner stars

Exceptional,Tremendous, Remarkable…I could not ask for a better attorney and case manager, when I have questions or concerns my attorney David and my case manager Xenia is always available either through email or the office line or their personal cell. Thank you ChasenBoscolo..

- Deneen Hall stars

I was there to pick up some exhibits from an attorney.

- Roxanne G stars

The best app ever!!

- Michael Snape stars

I will never forget how ChasenBoscolo took care of my mom, my sister’s estate and me from beginning to end. From what I recollect, you guys were like extended family—always calling, keeping in touch and being genuine and sincere. It’s great to see that you guys are still around today, taking care of your clients with the same notion. Please continue to help people and families like ours who have lost loved ones from car accidents.

- Jamikia X. stars

Over the past 20 years I have relied on chasen and boscolo to handle situations that have been taking care of with the utmost of care patients and customer service being at 100% Plus I’ve also referred others who have been a hundred percent satisfied as well I will always look forward when needed to get the help and satisfaction from chasen and boscolo again for myself and others could not have chosen a better Law Firm thank you thank you thank you

- Donna Jewell stars

Brittany Perry and Emmily Fitzgerald are the dream team. These two were always helpful and patient with explaining the process of my case. I was never surprised with anything that happened because they always prepared me for the next step. These two are so amazing and I am very happy with the outcome of my case and my overall experience with Chasen Boscolo. They made me feel like I was more than a docket on their caseload. I am glad to have had them on my case and if I need legal assistance again I hope to have these two.
Thank you

- Rainie Carter stars

Everyone was great and very professional. Patrick Stewart was #1,he always informed me of dates,changes and was very knowledgeable of my case. Thank u ChasenBoscolo

- Doretha Washington stars

Chasenboscolo is amazing company they help me from day one &was with me each step of the way till it was over.They always let me know everything up front before they did anything always checked on me and make sure i was good i told them what i wanted&they delivered am grateful i had them in my corner.

- Erica Smith stars

David Snyder and Julio Rodriguez are taking good care of me. They are much more than lawyers they are my friends. Thank you so much for being there for me in my time of need.

- Atiba Shropshire stars

Absolutely great experience, Mr Boscolo (Ben) is a fantastic lawyer and even better friend. Five big stars for all your effort my brother. Excellent law firm and great people who work hard for every dollar you deserve. Thanks again Ben for all you’ve done for me and my family!

- Dave Kelejian stars

I would definitely recommend Chasen and Boscolo. They look out for your well being. The team that I had cared about me and what I was going through. The walled me through everything in regards to my case. I really appreciate their generosit.

- Myisha Hagler stars

Everything was excellent. The thing I liked most that I was well educated on any issue I did not understand. Every time I called, my call was either answered right awayor returned within a day. What a great team. I would recommend Chase Boscolo to anyone who needs help!

- Tammy Thomas stars

Awesome experience!!! The people explain to you step by step everything that could and would happen, return calls promptly, and made everything easy for me. I highly recommend ChasenBoscolo.

- Wade stars

Everyone at ChasenBoscolo is very kind and personable. They are one of a kind and put your interests first. I would recommend them to anyone seeking professionalism and a great outcome

- Samantha Treacy stars

Chasen Boscolo is by far the best company I have ever been associated with. I was referred by my boss after my accident. I felt welcome and loved throughout the entire process. They were extremely patient and loving towards me while I was homeless and sometimes unable to contact them. When we did speak, the first thing my case manager always asked was, “how are you feeling? What’s going on?”. No matter what, my well being was priority here and I always felt comfortable talking to them. They genuinely care about you at chase and boscolo and always look to put you first. On the monetary side if things, they fight for you just as if it was them in your predicament. I was honestly expecting $1,000 at the most and the beginning settlement ended up being $35k! Seeing as to how I was expecting alot less, I was more than content and ready to close. However, my lawyer kept fighting and ended up suing the insurance company. After a couple more weeks of waiting, we ended up settling at $100,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most money I have ever seen in my life!!!!! So thanks to them I am able to start my life anew and begin to do the things I want to do and live how I want to live. I’ve been through a lot lately but thanks to Chasen Boscolo I was able to get through it. Thank you Chasen Boscolo, you are the best!!!

- Kevin Smalls stars

They have wonderful staff that make you feel at home. My case manager Mabel is awesome!!! She always returns my calls promptly and let’s me know what is going on with my case. I always feel reassured that ChasenBoscolo is gonna take good care of me. They are highly concerned about me getting the proper treatment until I get better!!! I never felt so safe with any accident attorney before such as them. Attorney Ben called me personally to check up on me and I was impressed….He really spent time talking to me… as well as listening to my concerns. I’m so glad I decided to give them a try…As they are highly professional and considerate!!! I could go on and on about these attorneys because so far I am extremely happy with them!!!

- Nonnie Firley stars

Very good Lawyers

- Saint Smith stars

I was injured on the job in 2015. Chasen Boscolo has been with me from 2015 right up to now. Fighting the good fight on my behalf. And I am most grateful for Krista DeSmyter for her passion , and belief in pursuing justice on behalf of people like me but especially me. I would recommend this firm to anyone in the position of being
injured on the job. You do not have to do it alone.

Thanks ChasenBoscolo
You Guys Are Tops
with me.
Mr. Jones

Krista, I can never thank you enough.
All I can say is that you have been
and are a blessing in my life.
Thank You, for everything.

- Kenneth Jones stars

Today is the 24th “anniversary” of a bad Helicopter crash 05-31-94 whilst I was spraying forestry. Barry Chasen personally took a lot of interest in my case and his whole staff were very professional, after 23 years of continuous help through multiple surgeries closed my case last year to my satisfaction. Would highly recommend them.

- Dirk Dekker stars

I have been working with Dave Snyder and Chasen-Bolscolo on my DBA disability claim for the last four (4) years and I cannot say enough good things about the representation I received. Although it would have been easier to recommend settling my case, Dave always felt that we would prevail in the end and worked tirelessly towards getting me the benefits I deserved. He was always there when I had questions and, with the help of my Senior Case Manager, Xenia Burmudez, always made sure I got the benefits and medical treatment I needed. This week I was awarded a favorable judgment and will receive all of the benefits available to me. I want to send my sincerest thanks to Dave Snyder, Xenia Burmudez, and Chasen-Boscolo for everything you have done for me and my family.

- Raymond Thomas stars

My experience with this company started out well, then felt a little discombobulated, finally I received a stable, reliable, honest, tough lawyer named Shaketta Denson. She took care of my case and took care of my anxiety/emotions wrapped around my entire case. She was professional and I have no complaints except for the organization during transitions between lawyers and the continuity of quality communication which was dropped during this shuffle of lawyers and office staff about 3 years ago. Thank you for everything you did, and Mr. Boscolo behind the scenes ! I am happy it’s over but also happy with Ms. Denson.

- Tiera McLaughlin stars

Muy buenas personas atentos a toda documentacion que le entregue Laura mejias y Casey Duchesne las mejores gracias por seguir ayudandome

- Emanuel Cintron stars

I’ve had the esteem pleasure of having attorney Matt Peffer as my lawyer, and Nikki Kelly as my case manager. I haven’t really needed to talk to Matt that often. It’s been because Mrs. Niki Kelly has done a find job of relating my concerns to Matt, and the issues has been handled in an expeditious manner. They really know the system very well, and they’ve helped me to get the PT that I needed. In addition to the PT I needed, they also got the ball rolling on behalf of my workman’s compensation as well. They are an awesome duo. Thanks for your service.

- Dr. Charles F. Bryant Th. D. stars

I have the pleasure to work with attorney Joseph Yahr, and I am very happy to have he as my attorney. Joe is every patient and calm man, I my attorney even do sometimes I try to puss he to close my case he always convinces me to be patient . If anyone family members or friends need a lawyer I will always recommend Chasen and Boscolo.

- Nelson Richard stars

I had the pleasure of working with David Snyder and Julio Rodriguez and they were by far remarkable!!! Dave went above and beyond what I expected, he really fought for me, he always communicated with me every step of the way, he gave me honest opinions about situations and I am so grateful for him!! Hopefully I won’t need them again lol but if I do ChasenBoscolo is definitely my 1st choice!!! Thanks You Guys

- Shaneeka Shank Richardson stars

Excellent attorneys and client services. Confident, considerate, thorough, competent, and supportive. We worked with Ben Boscolo and Shaketta Danson and both excelled in performance, communication, and competence. They told us what to do and when to do it and they did the rest. They took away the anxiety and the terror of a lawsuit and replaced it with confidence and reliability; the feeling that we were in the right hands and would be well taken care of…and we were.

Mabel Romualdo was our constant contact and source of information and she is a sweetheart who is considerate, polite, concerned and caring. She answers every telephone call and inquiry and never hesitates to ask if you need more. She knows your case as well as the attorneys and is the “go to” person when they are not available. Shaketta responds to every email within hours and Ben is always available by phone. They literally live with you during the course of the case. I would highly recommend this firm and particularly this team. Thank you to all three of you. We will actually miss having you around!!

- Gerry Sanns Wildner stars

I had a case pending from Oct 2015 that was just closed, I can truly say Michael Reiter and his team did an excellent job of representing me, I won my case thanks to the chasen boscolo team, I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

- Gita Goodwin stars

This is a team of truly professional and caring people. Benjamin “Big Ben” Boscolo was thorough, insightful, and a winner. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Their entire staff works seamlessly to run a well-oiled machine! Thanks, guys. I truly appreciate your help.

- Michelle Snow stars

Truly, personable and caring about their clientele. We have always been able to depend upon C/B for an amiable outcome, in best interests. We have been with them since 2013 and will never go to any other attorney, unless they refer us there. Excellent results!!!

- Patricia E. Conway-Jones stars

Chasen and Boscolo are the best in the business!!! They have the most professional staff available for any legal need you may have. I would recommend them to anyone in need of legal assistance!

- Steve Williams stars

I’m David Casey lawyer Matthew J Peffer ESQ was excellent in my case he treated me family. His P L Heather was also wonderful. If you have a case these are the lawyers!!!!

- David P Casey stars

I think ChasenBoscolo are honest and fight a great fight for their clients all of the time.

- Emily Ward stars

all the staff from the moment you walk through the doors are A+

- Belinda Pauls Anderson stars

They are the best Lawyers with a outstanding performance.

- Ellis Melvin stars

I am soo fat happy about going to the team members, Chasen Boscolo.

- Larita Barksdale stars

I’ve been using this law firm since maybe 2002! Customer Relations is @Xfinity#

- Ty Cole stars

Joseph Yahr what a great attorney

- Melinda Moore stars

The best of best

- William Corado stars