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How To Scare An Insurance Adjuster

If you’ve been in a car accident and are waiting for your settlement, you may wonder why the process is taking so long. Several factors can contribute to delays in car accident settlements. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most common reasons why your settlement may be taking longer than expected and what you can do to speed up the process.

The Severity of Your Injuries

One of the most significant factors that can affect when you get your car accident settlement is the severity of your injuries. If you’ve suffered serious injuries, it will take longer for your health to improve and reach maximum medical improvement (MMI). This means ongoing medical treatment may delay your settlement.

The severity of your injuries will also play a role in determining the value of your settlement. The more serious your injuries, the higher your settlement will likely be. This can also lead to delays as the insurance company will likely want to wait until you’ve reached MMI before settling to ensure they are not overpaying.

The Complexity of Your Case

The case’s complexity is another factor contributing to delays in car accident settlements. It may take longer to resolve if your case involves multiple parties or a significant dispute over who is at fault. If your case involves complicated legal issues or a significant amount of evidence to review, it can also take longer to settle.

How To Scare An Insurance Adjuster 2Negotiations with the Insurance Company

Another common reason why car accident settlements take longer than expected is because of negotiations with the insurance company. Insurance adjusters often make a low initial offer in hopes you’ll accept.

If a car accident lawyer represents you, they will negotiate with the insurance company to try to get you a higher settlement. This can take time, and it’s not uncommon for negotiations to go back and forth for several weeks or even months.

While this can be frustrating, it could also result in a settlement several times larger than you would have gotten had you settled for the insurance company’s initial offer. The right attorney could obtain a settlement covering all your accident-related expenses.


If you and the insurance company cannot reach a settlement, your case may end up in court. This can take a long time, as court procedures must be followed before a case goes to trial. Getting a resolution can take several months or even years if your case goes to trial.

What You Can Do to Speed Up the Process

While many factors can contribute to delays in car accident settlements, there are also things you can do to try to speed up the process. Here are some of the most important things you can do to help:

  • Provide all necessary documentation promptly – The insurance company will need certain documents to process your claim, such as medical bills and police reports. The sooner you can provide these documents, the sooner your claim can be processed.
  • Keep good records – Keep track of all your medical appointments, treatments, and expenses related to the accident. This will help to establish the extent of your injuries and the value of your claim.
  • Follow all medical advice – Make sure you follow all the medical advice you’re given, such as taking your medication, going to physical therapy, and following up with your doctor. By following this advice, you will be able to recover more quickly and reach MMI faster.

Many Factors Affect Accident Settlement Timing

Car accident settlements can take a long time due to various factors, such as the severity of your injuries, the complexity of your case, negotiations with the insurance company, and even the possibility of litigation. While these delays can be frustrating, it’s important to remember that your lawyer is working on your behalf to obtain the best settlement possible.

By providing all necessary documentation promptly, keeping good records, following all medical advice, and being patient, you can help speed up the process and get your settlement as soon as possible.

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