Oct 20, 2015 | admin

Congress will soon vote whether or not to approve a federal highway spending bill that will allow larger, more dangerous commercial tractor-trailers to operate on our roads. Many citizens are against the changes, and the truck accident lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers point out that several families of truck accident victims and survivors of truck crashes recently gathered to voice opposition.

According to NBC Washington News, one of those victims was a Maryland woman whose vehicle plunged 20 feet off the bay bridge in July 2013 after being rear-ended by a big rig. She partnered with the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety to call for provisions allowing longer, larger tractor-trailers on the road to be removed. The group has vowed to voice their concerns to President Obama if these new trucking provisions get through Congress.

The American Trucking Association stands behind the bill, saying the new provisions will not have an effect on trucking safety in the U.S.

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