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Virginia Truck Accident Lawyers

Representing victims of truck accidents for over 25 years, CHASENBOSCOLO stands up for injured people across Virginia with the level of compassion and skill that all victims deserve. Unlike passenger vehicle accidents, the size of trucks alone is enough to turn any accident into tragedy, even at low speeds.

Victims and surviving families deserve representation during a time of tragedy. Schedule your free consultation with a Virginia truck accident attorney by phone at (703) 538-1138, and we’ll get you into our office as quickly as possible. Once we take your truck accident case, you pay nothing until we win.

Why Should Victims Hire an Accident Lawyer?

After the wreckage is cleared, medical attention has been administered, and loved ones begin asking questions, someone will be held accountable. It could be the truck driver, a logistics company, truck manufacturer, outsourced maintenance company, tire manufacturer, or parts manufacturer. Then there are the insurance companies to deal with; one carrier will be commercial, and the other will be the victim’s insurer.

Due to complexities that many victims aren’t equipped to handle alone, accident lawyers are available to help navigate stringent federal regulations and strict trucking laws. Lawyers are also able to act on behalf of those too injured to handle legal matters themselves.

To simplify, victims should hire an accident lawyer because they deserve to have their cases treated fairly and settled without being lowballed.

What Do I Do If I Am Injured By A Truck Driver?

Types of Truck Accidents CHASENBOSCOLO Handles

Accidents caused by truck driver negligence or third-party involvement aren’t restricted to 18-wheelers. Some of the worst truck accidents in the tristate area involve:

  • Large trucks carrying flammable liquids;
  • Dump trucks;
  • Cement trucks;
  • Refrigerated 18-wheelers (reefers);
  • Large horse trailers hauled by semis;
  • Moving trucks;
  • Farming implements (combines, etc.)
  • Tow trucks

The highways and interstates that interweave throughout Virginia allow commuters to get from their respective homes to their jobs much quicker. But when large trucks are trying to rush to job sites or their drop-off points, accidents can and will occur.

What Victims Should Do After an Accident with a Truck

Steps taken after an accident may help preserve evidence that cannot be seen. It may also help increase the likelihood insurers will settle fairly before court. To make sure evidence is preserved and the injured are properly cared for, CHASENBOSCOLO suggests victims do the following:

  • If unable to move, make as much noise as possible to draw attention to your vehicle. This is so others can help you if trapped. Should you have mobility, escape your wrecked vehicle and check on others who may be injured.
  • Phone law enforcement. This is mandatory in an accident. When phoned, an ambulance and possibly fire rescue will be dispatched to your location.
  • While waiting for assistance, take photos of everything if your camera phone is capable. If not, ask anyone around you to help. Also, take down the truck’s company name and DOT number, normally located on the door of the semi or on the trailer itself.
  • Always attend to your medical needs first. Police can take your statement from the hospital if need be; in fact, there are many circumstances where law enforcement has done just that.
  • When giving your statement, discuss the facts surrounding your accident only. Be clear, concise and offer insight as to where you were positioned when the truck accident occurred.
  • Once you’ve completed your report, phone your insurance company. Give them only the facts about your accident. They will do their own investigative work; helping them any more than necessary will hurt your claim more than help it.
  • Continue receiving medical care. Keep all bills in one folder.
  • Phone CHASENBOSCOLO, an experienced truck accident firm, immediately.

Not all steps will be taken in the order shown. If you’re unable to move, are unconscious or were involved in an accident in a remote area, some pieces of information could be hard to come by.

We encourage victims or their loved ones to wait several days before asking for a copy of the police report. Some officers may take an extra day to type everything up. Once completed, you may need to pay for the report.

How to Fight Your Truck Accident Claim

In Virginia, truck accident victims may file their claim against the driver’s commercial insurance company for the driver’s negligence. Additionally, victims in Maryland may also go after the trucking company for:

  • Negligent hiring;
  • Negligent entrustment;
  • Negligence (respondeat superior, also known as “vicarious liability”); or
  • Product liability (bad parts put on by the trucking company’s maintenance department).

As trucking companies are bound by numerous local, state and federal regulations, it’s easy for them to be indirectly involved in an accident. Allowing drivers with restricted licenses, those with multiple safety citations or anyone who is under the influence of alcohol could cause serious consequences for trucking companies.

To begin your claim, your truck accident lawyer will need to collect evidence to substantiate your claim of driver negligence. If victims were able to take photographs or video, this evidence would be used accordingly; witness information, such as names and phone numbers, would be collected from the victim as well. One all information is received, we’re ready to file a formal complaint against the perpetrators of this accident.

Most defense teams will not open emails or take phone calls until that complaint is filed. Once they’ve received a copy of the complaint against their client, they’re willing to open lines of communication. It’s at this point CHASENBOSCOLO will discuss what we believe is owed to you.

ChasenBoscolo having a Discuss

Some things to keep in mind during the negotiation process:

  • Insurers need overwhelming evidence to meet our demands during the first round of talks. As talks progress, the evidence we provide will show how serious we are.
  • Noneconomic losses (pain and suffering) must be well-documented.
  • Estimates to repair or replace your vehicle should accompany medical bills and other healthcare costs associated with your accident.
  • Our firm will never accept an offer without discussing the pros and cons of accepting the offer with our client.
  • If we’re unable to agree on an amount, we’ve prepared your case for trial. It would then be up to the jury how much you are owed, if anything.

Negotiation skills, patience, and knowledge of tort law are mandatory in these high-stakes discussions. That’s why we strongly advise clients to avoid fighting trucking companies and insurers alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Claims against the federal government work differently than regular truck accident torts. For example, you’re given one (1) year to file your claim against the entity responsible for your accident; also, the process of filing your claim is different. Trust your truck accident lawyer to navigate this complex area of personal injury law.

Each case has its unique challenges. Some may require more evidence than others, while some insurers may be inclined to settle much sooner than others. Our firm works hard, and expediently, to help victims get compensated so they can move on with their lives. We’ve seen cases take several months, and some take several years; knowing how soon you will settle is almost impossible.

Truckers found in possession of narcotics, under the influence of drugs, or individuals who stole a semi and caused an accident will be liable civilly, and criminally. The civil component will work much like other injury cases, although if the semi were somehow uninsured, we would need to hold the trucking company liable.

This scenario happens far more frequently than it should. We investigate all accident claims to back the victims’ claims of recklessness, and tend to prove the trucking company wrong. Provided the injured individual is less than 50% at fault, they’ll still qualify for compensation.

Individuals are recovering from physical injuries, so why injure them financially, too? We believe that every case we take should be fought before we’re paid. Therefore, when you hire us, nothing is owed upfront; all payroll, investigation, court and expert witness costs are covered by CHASENBOSCOLO. Should we lose, you’ll owe us nothing!

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Armed with an adjuster’s report, insurers are notorious for approaching accident victims who are yet to retain counsel. The goal is to have good people take bad settlements for an accident that wasn’t the injured person’s fault. Sometimes it works; other times, however, victims are educated enough to retain CHASENBOSCOLO before speaking to an insurer.

Thousands of hard-working residents in Virginia find themselves seriously injured because truckers were distracted, overtired, intoxicated or simply reckless. If you were one of those injured by a trucker, tell them you mean business by calling our firm today at (703) 538-1138 or contacting us online to schedule your free consultation to discuss your case today.