Dec 08, 2015 | admin

Traffic. It’s the scourge of many Baltimore residents’ day. You battle through congestion along the city’s highways on your way to work, only to reenter the gauntlet after a hard day on the job for the journey home. Could sitting in gridlock be saving your life? The Maryland auto accident lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers point out that one new study says the answer may be “yes.”

A study ranking the most dangerous states to drive in found that Maryland fell into the 39 slot, with only 11 other states being listed as safer places to get behind the wheel. The reason? Traffic in Maryland’s largest cities, including Baltimore.

According to an article from CBS Baltimore, a spokesman for the Maryland State Police explains that while heavy traffic may not prevent accidents from occurring, it slows vehicles down. This decreases the impact between vehicles and lessens the chances of injuries or fatalities in the event of a collision.

Another factor that plays a part in Maryland ranking as a safe place to drive is that 91 percent of residents wear their seatbelt when they’re in a car, truck, or SUV. This simple lifesaving piece of equipment has repeatedly been proven to prevent crash fatalities and a number of different types of auto accident injuries.

Promoting highway safety is part of our mission each day at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers. That’s why we applaud motorists for buckling up and urge travelers to keep a positive outlook while on the road by remembering the traffic we deal with on a daily basis may be saving our lives.