Nov 24, 2015 | admin

Walking is a primary means of transportation for a large number of Maryland residents. However, many roads and highways in the state aren’t designed with pedestrian safety in mind. The Maryland pedestrian accident lawyers with CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers were excited to learn officials would be looking into what could be done to make one Hyattsville highway friendlier for those traveling by foot.

ABC 7 News reports that on Monday, November 23, members of the Maryland Highway Administration walked along Route 1 with local and state government officials. The group examined what could be done to make the roadway safer after multiple accidents have caused injuries and left properties damaged.

One option that has already been exercised is reducing speed limits. Vehicles are now only allowed to travel at a rate of 25 mph along the stretch of road in Hyattsville and new signs have been added displaying the speed limit in the area. Some residents are also encouraging the use of speed cameras in order to improve safety. The method was effective in reducing accidents at an intersection near the state university after several injuries occurred there as the result of a Maryland pedestrian accident.

Protecting the safety and rights of all travelers is just one of our missions at ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers. That’s why the Maryland personal injury attorneys would like to applaud the efforts being made to make Route 1 safer and we’re hopeful the plan that’s developed is effective in reducing accidents.