Dec 01, 2015 | admin

From falling objects to slick work surfaces, numerous safety hazards can be found on a construction site. However, some of these threats are more commonly seen and reported than others. The D.C. construction accident lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO Injury Lawyers are highlighting some of the most common causes of construction worker injuries.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that last year, there were a total of 81 fatal construction accidents in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. A majority of these incidents fell into one of three categories, including:

  • Slip and fall accidents – The slip and fall injury lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO explain a slip, trip or fall can occur as the result of walking on slippery surfaces, unsecured scaffolding or simply tripping over a power cord.
  • Contact with objects or equipment – These accidents involve a worker being struck by materials on a job site or suffering an injury after making unintentional contact with a tool or piece of machinery.
  • Transportation accidents – This involves any situation where a worker was killed while traveling in a vehicle as part of their job duties.

We hope raising awareness about these risks will help prevent accidents from occurring in the future. If you’ve been injured at no fault of your own while working on a construction site, it’s important to be aware that you may have legal rights to compensation for your injuries. Speaking with a legal representative can help answer any questions you may have about these rights. You can learn more about how a lawyer may be able to assist you by visiting our website.