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How To Avoid Premises Liability Lawsuits During The Holidays

Homeowners and business owners throughout Virginia may invite numerous guests to their properties during the holiday season. They must remember to keep guests safe when doing so.

Someone could file a premises liability claim or lawsuit against you if they sustain injuries on your property. A guest may do so if they can claim their injuries resulted from your negligence.

Whether you own a home, business, or both, the following advice will help you avoid premises liability lawsuits.

Guarding Against Premises Liability Lawsuits

Property owners should always take reasonable steps to protect guests and employees. During the holidays, in particular, business owners and homeowners may avoid premises liability lawsuits by:

Preparing for Inclement Weather

A property owner should remove ice and snow from their walkways and other such areas of their property in a timely manner when they accumulate. Doing so requires having the right tools on hand. Thus, property owners should equip themselves with shovels and de-icing agents before harsh weather strikes.

Hiring Extra Help

A business owner may hire seasonal workers to assist with security and other such safety issues during the holidays. With a higher volume of customers, a business may need more employees to keep an eye out for hazards.

Checking for Seasonal Hazards

Any property owner should routinely inspect their properties to confirm hazards don’t put guests at risk of being hurt in slip and falls. Hazards ranging from exposed electrical cords strung across the floor to wet flooring can cause such accidents when property owners overlook them.

Home and business owners should also consider how these types of hazards may be more abundant during the holidays. For example, a store owner may have set up a holiday light display. Doing so could result in more electrical cords and other such items on the floor. The business owner may thus inspect these areas regularly to ensure guest safety. Seasonal decor can result in new slipping and tripping hazards. Arrange and inspect decor accordingly.

Installing Adequate Lighting

Days are short during the holiday season. Property owners may account for this by checking their outdoor lighting. It should be strong enough to ensure guests in outdoor areas can easily spot hazards. A property owner may need to upgrade their outdoor lighting.

Keeping Animals Away from Others

Homeowners should consider how their pets may react to company when having guests over for the holidays. A homeowner shouldn’t assume their pet will behave well if they don’t know for sure this is the case.

It’s often best for homeowners to keep pets away from guests during holiday celebrations. Not all people are good with pets, and shutting the pets away could be safer for everyone and less stressful for the animal.

Blocking Off Dangerous Areas

It’s not always possible to completely eliminate potential hazards from an environment. In some cases, those hazards play a critical role in holiday festivities.

For example, perhaps a homeowner is throwing a holiday party for friends and family. The areas in which they prepare and store food might technically contain hazards.

A homeowner can’t eliminate all potential causes of injury from kitchens and food storage areas. However, they can ensure that guests don’t have access to dangerous areas or at least know these spots are off-limits.

Business owners should also inspect their properties for potential hazards they can’t eliminate. When removing a hazard isn’t an option, a business owner must take steps to prevent guests from accessing dangerous spots and post warnings about potential dangers.

Preparing to Dispose of Debris

a premises liability lawyer in greenbelt maryland signing a premises liability documentHoliday celebrations can generate a lot of debris. Even the simple act of unwrapping gifts can leave wrapping paper and similar items strewn across a floor.

Property owners should remove debris promptly. Doing so is easier when they prepare ahead of time, setting aside garbage bags and cleaning supplies for quick access.

Contact a Virginia Premises Liability Attorney

Taking these steps can reduce your chances of being the target of a premises liability lawsuit this holiday season. You’ll need a lawyer if someone attempts to sue you. In addition, an attorney can help you if you wish to file a premises liability claim against a negligent property owner.

Whether you’re the target of a premises liability claim or you’re filing one, our team at CHASENBOSCOLO can explain your legal options. We’re prepared to offer the representation you need when you hire us. Learn more about what a Virginia premises liability attorney can do for you by contacting us online or calling us at (301) 220-0050 for a free case review.

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