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The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one can be one of the most painful and difficult events in your life—especially if the death is due to another person’s negligence. You may feel helpless during this time, as you’re not only grieving the death, but you’re also facing funeral expenses and the loss of financial support and companionship. It can all seem overwhelming—but we can help you.

At ChasenBoscolo, we’ve seen the devastating effects that a wrongful death can have on a family, and we make it our mission to help the surviving family members move on with their lives. We have years of experience helping families just like yours get the compensation they need after the wrongful death of their loved one—and we can help you, too.

Types of Wrongful Death Claims

If you are the spouse, parent or child of a wrongful death victim, you may be entitled to receive compensation after the loss of your loved one. There are two main types of claims you can file:

  • Survival Action
    Survival action claims are designed to recover compensation for the injuries your loved one sustained in the accident that later led to his or her death. These damages will help cover any medical expenses your loved one incurred from the time of the accident until death.
  • Wrongful Death Action
    These claims are filed when your loved one dies immediately due to an act of negligence by another party. The damages in a wrongful death action cover the loss of financial support, pain and suffering of the surviving family members and the funeral and burial expenses.

It’s our goal to provide you and your family with the highest quality legal service and outstanding customer care for your wrongful death claim. ChasenBoscolo has the staff, the resources, the industry knowledge and the unwavering commitment to stand up for your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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