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Those who work for the benefit of the United States are eligible for Defense Base Act (DBA) benefits if they suffer a work-related injury. If you’ve been injured while working overseas for a company that contracts with the United States military, you may be eligible to file a DBA claim. Filing this type of claim can be complicated and confusing, especially while grappling with the effects of an injury. Hiring a skilled lawyer is a huge benefit to injured workers who seek to receive the maximum benefit possible.

The attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO have been fighting for those who live in and around Washington D.C. for over three decades. As active members of our community, we have had the privilege of fighting for people who are in need of DBA benefits. Many military contractors base their businesses out of Washington D.C., which gives us unique insight and access when helping employees fight for DBA benefits.

If you have been injured while working overseas and are eligible for Defense Base Act benefits, don’t try to file without consulting with a lawyer. You may be entitled to more compensation than you think. Reach out to the team at CHASENBOSCOLO to learn more about what you stand to gain in the aftermath of a work-related injury. If a loved one has passed away, our lawyers can also help the surviving family members seek benefits under the provisions of the DBA. To speak with an attorney about your potential claim, call our office today at (301) 220-0050 or use our online contact form.

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    Do I Need a Defense Base Act Attorney?

    Under the Defense Base Act, injured workers can receive benefits to cover the cost of both past and future medical services, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Additionally, families can recover compensation if a loved one suffered a fatal injury while working overseas for a company under the Defense Base Act. DBA benefits operate similarly as workers’ compensation benefits, in that they provide similar support to employees who need them.

    Many companies allow you to file for DBA benefits in a rather straightforward manner, so it can be tempting to file on your own. Reaching out to a lawyer can seem overwhelming to those who have never needed legal assistance before, and especially in light of dealing with the stress of added medical bills and physical pain. However, in seeking the help of a lawyer, injured workers alleviate themselves of the burden of having to monitor their claim and handle any obstacles that present themselves along the way.

    With an attorney helping you with your claim, you stand to gain the maximum amount of compensation possible based on your situation. Lawyers understand the tactics that contractors and their insurance companies use to protect themselves from paying the full amount. With this knowledge, they can help you fight for the resources you deserve in the most timely manner possible.

    People should start the process expecting to fight the insurance adjuster. DBA insurance adjusters do not have the best interests of injured workers and their families in mind. If you try to file on your own, you may not receive a fair settlement. If your settlement is unsatisfactory, then benefits aren’t doing what they are meant to do, which is to provide real support to injured workers and those they support.

    For family members of deceased contract workers, a lawyer will help handle the claim to make sure that you recover the full amount that you deserve in light of a loved one’s death. Though civilian work for overseas military contractors carries an inherent risk, employers should do all that they can to mitigate risk to their employees. Death benefits under the DBA can go toward surviving spouses or other eligible family members.

    Why Trust My Case to CHASENBOSCOLO?

    The Washington, D.C., injury lawyers at CHASENBOSCOLO have been working for those affected by injury and illness since the mid-eighties. We’ve stuck with this work for over thirty years because we’ve seen the positive impact that fair compensation has on the course of accident victims’ lives. A serious injury is a threat to a victim’s quality of life and future prospects, especially when the financial consequences are severe. We have fought to help survivors and their families receive millions of dollars in compensation over the years.

    Working in the nation’s capital, we’ve had the honor of representing cases for the hardworking people in the D.C. metroplex area. We know that the pace of life is fast here. We work diligently and efficiently to make sure that we receive favorable results for our clients so that they have the financial resources needed to support their continued success.

    We’re dedicated to helping accident victims, and their families get past the difficulties that serious injuries present. The emotional impact of an injury is devastating enough, and being buried under paperwork and insurance disputes can be completely overwhelming. We step in to take the mountain of paperwork off of your hands.

    Our firm also works on a contingency fee. This means that our legal services will not present any other burden to you and your family. If we do not recover any compensation for you, then you don’t owe us anything. We know that if you need to file for benefits under the Defense Base Act, you are already in a tough spot financially. Your legal representation should not, and does not, add to this burden under the representation of CHASENBOSCOLO.

    Types of Defense Base Act Cases We Handle

    Defense Base Act Lawyer Serving Washington, D.C The Defense Base Act has been in place since 1941 to provide a form of workers compensation benefits to those who contract for the United States overseas. DBA benefits can cover damages related to the following:

    • Past, Current, Future Medical Expenses
    • Lost Wages
    • Pain and Suffering
    • Expense reimbursement for victims’ out-of-pocket costs
    • Disability payments
    • Death benefits

    Once benefits are applied for, the law requires a three-day waiting period before benefits are made available.

    Death Benefits Under the Defense Base Act

    For workers covered under the Defense Base Act who do not survive their injuries, their family is entitled to death benefits. The calculation of death benefits under the Defense Base Act is based on the employee’s average weekly wage. A lawyer can help fight for the money that can be recovered. The following include provisions related to the DBA’s death benefits:

    • Funeral and Burial Expenses – Up to $3,000
    • 50% of the average weekly wage (AWW) for surviving spouse
    • 16⅔% of AWW split equally between surviving children
    • Child benefits are paid until age 18
    • Full-time student benefits for children to age 23

    In addition to spouses and children, death benefits can also cover any other family members who are considered dependents. This can include, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, as well as grandchildren. With the help of a skilled lawyer, you can get a better idea of exactly the amount of compensation that you are able to receive under the Defense Base Act.

    Getting the Process Started

    If you have suffered an injury while performing your approved job duties, you can begin to take the steps needed to recover the compensation you’re eligible for under the Defense Base Act. The following steps are required:

    • Injured employee must provide formal written notice using Form LS 201 as well as verbal notice to your employer.
    • Seek medical attention for your injuries. Make sure to keep track of all insurance documents, and hospital bills related to your treatment, you will need this later.
    • File LS 203 Claim for Compensation with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program (OWCP) within a year of the injury.

    As you file the Form LS 201 with your employer, they will pass this information along to the OWCP.

    Contact a Lawyer at CHASENBOSCOLO Today

    A lawyer can help you file for your benefits under the Defense Base Act and make sure that you recover the maximum amount possible. The attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO understand that when you’ve suffered an injury, the sooner that you receive your benefits, the better. Our attorneys have been fighting to help workers and their families recover benefits that they deserve after a work-related accident.

    Our D.C. team works to be a source of knowledge and support for injured workers and their families. We understand how difficult recovering out-of-pocket expenses can be, let alone money to cover future costs, and we fight to streamline tough situations so that you can focus on your recovery. Reach out to our team today if you are interested in seeking legal help as you fight for the DBA benefits that you deserve. Call us at (301) 220-0050 today to get started.