Virginia Hotel Injury Lawyers

People check in and out of hotels across Virginia in massive numbers each day. Whether it’s for vacation or work, people lean on the convenience and safety of hotels and trust that they will be taken care of during their stay. When hotel managers and owners fail to properly maintain their premises, severe and possibly fatal accidents could occur.

CHASENBOSCOLO works hard to bring hotel owners or property managers to justice for breaching their duty of care for patrons who frequent their establishment. For over 25 years, we’ve established trust within the communities we serve because of our strong stance against negligence. If you need accurate representation in any hotel injury you suffered in Virginia, call our firm at (703) 538-1138 today.

What Are Some Examples of Hotel Accidents?

Common hotel injuries we’ve helped victims litigate include:

  • Poorly lit or unmonitored areas where people may be attacked;
  • Scalding injuries from hot water tanks set too high;
  • Electrocution from bad wiring;
  • Unsecured carpeting;
  • Poorly fastened handrails;
  • Infestation of bedbugs;
  • Spa and swimming pool accidents;
  • Inadequate background screening on hotel staff;
  • Falling objects, including materials from roof and pictures off walls; or
  • Poor hotel security.

The extent of injuries people may sustain includes broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, concussions, spinal cord contusions, and even death. Swimming pool accidents could leave victims paralyzed from the waist down for life.

From assaults to broken bones from slips and falls, hotel accidents can happen at any time. Hotel staff is required to keep a safe premises for those who will stay as guests, though they often forego this requirement when money is tight, or they’re trying to “cut corners.”

Why Do I Need a Hotel Injury Lawyer?

Victims of accidents are unaware of what laws may apply to their situation. They become frustrated, scared, and in many cases will miss significant time away from work. When they miss work, medical bills and living expenses will become unbearable. Unfortunately, many are misled into believing premises liability attorneys cost thousands to retain with no guarantee of a settlement.

Attorneys who know tort laws have the experience, dedicated support staff, and outside connections to help bring hotel owners to justice. It not only makes sense to retain their services, but could be mandatory if victims are unaware of court filing procedures, how to address defense counsel, what to expect from hotel owners, and how to present their case before a jury.

Compensation for Hotel Injuries

Virginia’s premises liability laws guide attorneys and victims when it’s time to file a complaint in court. Once the injury complaint is filed, the hotel owner’s legal counsel will file their answer directly with the court, or contact the premises liability attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO before providing an answer. The goal is presenting enough facts to the defense team until negotiating a fair settlement is the best option.

Negotiating settlements for our clients takes experience which can only be obtained through many years of practice. It may take several months to get both sides to mutually agree on an amount, although the wait is often worth it.

If your claim is settled, it will factor in every expense you incurred after the hotel accident took place, such as:

  • Wages that were lost by missing substantial time away from work;
  • Healthcare expenses accumulated in the hospital, and while at home;
  • Pain and suffering, along with other noneconomic losses;
  • Repair or replacement of any damaged personal property; and
  • Other forms of compensation deemed appropriate given your injuries.

The amount of evidence necessary to make your case strong is substantial; photographs, witness statements, hotel cameras, and statements given to the police will increase the likelihood the hotel owner will want to settle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virginia is one of few states that leaves no room for victim negligence. If the defense team has reason to believe you’re 1% liable, they’ll fight your claim in court. Should the jury find that you had 1% liability, your claim is unpayable.

To give your claim the best chance of winning in court, you’ll need to file within two (2) years of the accident, or two (2) years from the date of death if you’re a family member. Should any personal property need to be replaced, you must file an action within five (5) years of the accident that damaged your goods.

Regardless where the hotel owners live, anyone operating a business in Virginia will have someone locally to manage their property or handle their affairs. The hotel’s insurer is normally in America, which is where most claims are directed, anyway.

Once you’ve scheduled your consultation with us, we’ll sit down and discuss our contingency fees, which means that we won’t collect anything from you until we win your case.

Reporting your injury to the hotel themselves is a vital first step, even if it’s your loved one that must report it. Because any individual could walk into a hotel, injure themselves and sue the owner, the hotel manager will require proof you’ve checked into the hotel.

CHASENBOSCOLO Will Fight for You

Hotel guests spend their hard-earned money to stay somewhere safe for one or several nights. In exchange for their money, they hope to relax and avoid the hustle and bustle of daily life until it’s time to return home. What guests don’t want is to injure themselves on someone’s property when the injury could have been avoided with better maintenance and security.

If you were injured in a hotel, CHASENBOSCOLO wants to know. Contact us today at (703) 538-1138 to schedule your consultation free of charge. Let us show you the power of experience and the different that experience makes when hotel injuries have changed the course of your future, and someone needs to pay.