Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Attorney In Virginia

When you place your loved one in a nursing home facility, you expect that the staff will provide expert care, and they will keep your loved one safe. You place your trust in this facility and everyone who works there because you believe they will be able to offer the best support for your loved one as they age.

However, not all nursing homes uphold their duties, and your loved one may suffer serious abuse in this environment. Sexual abuse in nursing homes is unfortunately common across the United States, and the people responsible for these heinous acts must face the consequences.

If your loved one has experienced sexual abuse in a nursing home, you have the right to fight back and demand justice. You may also be entitled to significant compensation for the physical and emotional trauma this nursing home caused. To best protect your loved one in this situation, you need to work with a skilled nursing home sexual abuse attorney, who will help you end this abuse and punish the people responsible.

The attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO have experience in nursing home sexual abuse cases, and we are prepared to help you through every step of your lawsuit. Take the first steps in your case today by contacting our firm at (703) 538-1138.

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    Why You Need a Lawyer

    Entering into a lawsuit at any time can be a stressful and difficult process. However, when you are also overwhelmed by the emotional pain of discovering your loved one has been sexually abused, starting a lawsuit may seem next to impossible. You and your loved one deserve justice after nursing home sexual abuse, and with the help of a nursing home abuse attorney, you can ensure that you have a strong legal case, even during this painful time.

    Your attorney will do everything in their power to reduce the stress you face during your lawsuit, as they guide you through each step of your legal case. They are prepared to answer each of your questions, so you fully understand your rights and what you may gain from this lawsuit. Your attorney will also spend their time gathering evidence from the nursing home, medical reports, and witnesses, which will strengthen your case.

    When you hire an attorney, you can rest assured that you will have the best possible chance of winning your case and receiving the compensation you need. No one should experience sexual abuse in a nursing home, and when you fight back with an attorney by your side, you will know you have protected your loved one and helped to end this abuse.


    The attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO have over 30 years of experience supporting and fighting for our clients. We have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to build a strong legal case, and we understand the most effective tactics to use to help you win.

    Our attorneys understand the importance of receiving justice and fair compensation after nursing home sexual abuse, and we will do everything in our power to help you get what you deserve. At CHASENBOSCOLO, we do not expect your trust; we will earn it through our hard work and dedication to your case. When you work with us, you become a member of our family, and we will fight by your side through every step of your lawsuit.

    Most importantly, we believe that everyone has a right to high-quality legal representation. We do not want legal fees or the price of representation to prevent you from seeking the justice you deserve. That is why we will not charge you anything until we win your case. With this no-fee guarantee, you can focus on yourself and your loved one instead of the cost of your case.

    Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Statistics

    Sexual abuse in nursing homes is an unfortunately common experience because residents may be unable to prevent or stop this abuse from occurring. The Nursing Home Abuse Center reports that 83% of all elder sexual abuse occurs in nursing homes. Of these instances of sexual abuse, 80% of the time, the perpetrator is a caregiver in the nursing home.

    Although these statistics demonstrate the severity of the problem of sexual abuse in nursing homes, only 30% of sexual abuse victims over the age of 65 report their abuse. This may mean that you must be the one to protect your loved one and fight back against this abuse on their behalf. The following information can help you better understand and identify sexual abuse in a nursing home, so you can help put a stop to it.

    What Is Nursing Home Sexual Abuse?

    Sexual abuse occurs when a person experiences any unwanted or non-consensual sexual interactions with another individual. This type of abuse can take many forms, and it is not limited to penetrative sexual encounters. Some of the types of sexual abuse which may take place in a nursing home include:

    • Any unwanted physical contact
    • Forced oral or anal sex
    • Forced penetration with fingers, sexual organs, or objects
    • Forced observation of masturbation or pornography
    • Forced nudity
    • Taking photographs or videos which are sexually explicit
    • Verbal sexual harassment

    The perpetrator does not have to physically touch the nursing home resident to commit an act of sexual abuse. Any unwanted sexual behavior towards a resident may be considered abusive, and you have the right to take legal action.

    Who Are the Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse in a Nursing Home?

    The most common sexual abuse perpetrators are nursing home staff members because they typically have unrestricted and unsupervised interactions with nursing home residents. However, other residents in a nursing home and even outside visitors may sexually abuse your loved one in a nursing home.

    No matter who is causing this sexual abuse, in most cases, the nursing home as a whole is legally responsible. This is because the nursing home failed in their duty to protect your loved one when they allowed this sexual abuse to occur.

    Who Is at Risk of Nursing Home Sexual Abuse?

    Any resident in a nursing home may be at risk of experiencing sexual abuse. As with all other types of abuse, sexual abuse impacts people of all ages, races, and gender. However, some nursing home residents are at a greater risk of experiencing sexual abuse.

    The Nursing Home Abuse Center estimates that women are six times more likely to be the victims of sexual abuse in a nursing home. Additionally, perpetrators may seek out residents who seem the least likely to fight back against or speak out about the abuse. These high-risk residents typically include:

    • Older residents who are physically weak
    • Residents with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia
    • Residents with degenerative physical disorders
    • Mentally handicapped residents, including people with Autism, Down Syndrome, or Cerebral Palsy
    • Residents with difficulty communicating
    • Residents who are isolated or who have few visitors

    Some residents may be unable to remember or communicate that they are experiencing sexual abuse, which is why you must remain vigilant for the signs of abuse.

    Signs of Sexual Abuse in a Nursing Home

    Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Attorney In VirginiaSexual abuse is often more difficult to recognize than other forms of abuse because there may not be any physical signs to indicate that the abuse is occurring. This is especially true when the abuse takes the form of sexual photography, nudity, or forced masturbation. However, when physical sexual abuse is taking place, some of the most common signs include:

    • Bruises on the thighs, genitals, or near the breasts
    • Genital infections or sexually transmitted diseases
    • Pain, irritation, or bleeding around the genitals or anus
    • Increased difficulty walking or sitting
    • Pelvic injuries or broken bones
    • Undergarments which are torn, stained, or bloody

    If you recognize any of these signs of sexual abuse, you need to speak with your loved one right away and, if possible, remove them from the nursing home environment. If you do not recognize any physical signs of sexual abuse, your loved one may also display symptoms of emotional trauma, which may include:

    • Increased fear and anxiety, especially when certain staff members are present
    • Depression and suicidal urges
    • Agitation and mood swings
    • Becoming withdrawn and socially isolated
    • Difficulty sleeping or eating
    • Sudden and unexplained changes in behavior

    It is essential that you carefully monitor your loved one if you notice any of these types of changes in their behavior or personality.

    Unfortunately, many people who experience sexual abuse have feelings of guilt and embarrassment. This may prevent your loved one from discussing their experience, even if it means putting an end to the abuse. If you suspect that your loved one is being sexually abused in a nursing home, you need to take action on their behalf and seek legal counsel right away.


    If you believe your loved one has experienced sexual abuse in a nursing home, don’t hesitate to get help. The nursing home abuse attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO will investigate your suspicions and help you take the necessary steps to protect your loved one. We are prepared to advocate on your behalf and ensure that you receive fair compensation and justice. Begin working on your case today by contacting our attorneys at (703) 538-1138.