Virginia Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys

Is a nursing home failing to provide appropriate care for your loved one? Has neglect caused your loved one’s health to deteriorate? If so, you have a right to fight back and seek justice and compensation on your loved one’s behalf.

Caring for someone as they age can be a difficult task, especially when that person has a reduced ability to independently fulfill their physical and medical needs. When you decide that a nursing home is right for your loved one, you expect this facility to offer a safe and caring environment, which will help your loved one thrive. However, when a nursing home does not provide the care they promised, there can be severe consequences for your loved one.

Although elder neglect is one of the most common types of elder abuse, very few people report neglect when it is occurring. The Nursing Home Abuse Center estimates that only one out of every 57 cases of nursing home neglect is reported. However, you have the power to put an end to this neglect and protect your loved one.

The nursing home neglect attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO are prepared to help you file a lawsuit to help secure justice for your loved one. You may be entitled to significant compensation to pay for the harm that this nursing home caused. Take action right now to end nursing home neglect, by contacting CHASENBOSCOLO at (703) 538-1138 today.

Why You Need a Lawyer

When you suspect you that your loved one may be the victim of neglect, you likely feel not only infuriated, but confused about who to turn to for help. A nursing home neglect attorney can help you take swift and decisive action to protect your loved one and help ensure that the neglectful behavior doesn’t harm other residents, as well.

An experienced nursing home attorney will help you take immediate steps to secure your family member’s safety, including moving your loved one to an alternate facility, reporting the potential neglect to the appropriate agencies, such as Virginia’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman and Adult Protective Services, and also reporting the abuse to the nursing home’s administration.

When the nursing home facility realizes you’ve hired a nursing home neglect attorney to support your case, the facility’s owners, supervisors, and staff will know to take your concerns seriously. One of the first things we will do is thoroughly investigate your case to determine the extent of the neglect and the facts of your case. Based on the strength of our case, we will fight for the justice and compensation you need to cover the costs of your family member’s medical expenses, their move to another facility, and their pain and suffering.

A compassionate and skilled attorney will work closely with you to promptly put a stop to your loved one’s neglect, once and for all.


With over 30 years of experience in the legal field, CHASENBOSCOLO has the knowledge and the skills to help you receive the best possible outcome in your nursing home neglect case. Our attorneys know that every case is unique and comes with a variety of different challenges and complexities. We will take the necessary time to fully understand your case and your needs, so we can find a solution that is right for you. We have helped our clients recover over 750 million dollars in settlements, so we know how to fight for fair compensation for you and your loved ones.

At CHASENBOSCOLO, we believe that every person should have access to high-quality legal counsel, and the cost of representation should not prevent you from seeking justice. That is why we have implemented our No Fee Guarantee for every client we work with. Our attorneys will offer you a free initial consultation on your case with no obligation. After this consultation, you will pay no upfront costs or legal fees, until we recover money for your case.

Our attorneys know that you are coming to us in a time of crisis. Your loved one is at risk of serious harm, and you need to take action now. We are prepared to begin working on your case right now, so we can help you put an end to this neglect as soon as possible.

What Is Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing home neglect occurs when staff members fail to provide adequate and appropriate care for your loved one’s needs. This lack of care typically results in physical or emotional harm to your loved one. Neglect in a nursing home is a form of elder abuse, which is a serious problem throughout the country. According to a 2011 study, 21% of nursing home residents experienced some form of neglect within the last 12 months.

There are a variety of different factors that may lead to neglect in a nursing home. However, some of the most common causes of neglect include:

  • Lack of staff to care for residents
  • Hiring caretakers with little to no experience working with the elderly
  • Failing to train caretakers before they begin work with residents
  • Inadequate facilities at the nursing home

Many cases of nursing home neglect are not the result of malicious behaviors or actions. However, this does not excuse a nursing home from failing to provide the care and support they promised you and your loved ones. If someone you love experiences significant harm to their health and well-being as a result of neglect in a nursing home, you have the right to fight back against this injustice.

Common Forms of Nursing Home Neglect

Elder neglect in a nursing home typically occurs in one of four forms: medical neglect, neglect of needs, hygiene neglect, and social or emotional neglect. Every type of neglect is different, but they can all lead to serious physical and emotional trauma for your loved one. Understanding the common types of nursing home neglect is essential and will allow you to identify when and how your loved one is being neglected.

Medical neglect refers to a failure to provide for a nursing home resident’s medical needs. When nursing home staff is undertrained or does not have access to the appropriate medical tools, your loved one may experience medical neglect, including but not limited to:

  • Improper treatment of long-term disorders
  • Failure to provide medication
  • Reduced mobility assistance
  • Higher risk of infections or illness

Neglect of a resident’s needs and hygiene occurs when a nursing home fails to provide care for your loved one’s basic needs for survival and cleanliness. Some of the most common instances of these types of neglect include:

  • Inadequate food intake
  • Lack of water and other liquids
  • Failure to assist or clean a resident after going to the bathroom
  • Infrequent bathing and clothing changes
  • Lack of laundry or room cleaning

Lastly, a nursing home may neglect your loved one’s social and emotional needs if they do not provide adequate attention and interaction with others. Some of the most common forms of social neglect include:

  • Excessive isolation
  • Failure to take the resident to planned activities or events
  • Continual meanness or punishment
  • Restricting visitation unnecessarily

Any of these types of neglect can have a damaging physical and emotional impact on your loved one. You need to take action as soon as possible if you believe your loved one is being neglected in a nursing home.

What Are Signs of Neglect in a Nursing Home?

Due to the number of different types of nursing home neglect, your loved one may exhibit a variety of different symptoms, which may indicate neglect. Unlike other physical forms of abuse, nursing home neglect may not leave marks or injuries on the body. Instead, you must pay attention to changes in your loved one’s behavior, attitude, and physical appearance over time. Some of the most common physical signs of neglect in a nursing home include:

  • Unexplained or worsening physical and mental illnesses
  • Unmarked or outdated prescription bottles
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Reduce urination
  • Smelling or appearing dirty
  • Dry or fragile skin
  • Bedsores
  • Reduced usage of medical devices, such a hearing aids or wheelchairs
  • Repeated injuries

In some cases, neglect may cause emotional changes, which you may notice before physical symptoms. Emotional indicators of nursing home neglect include:

  • Agitation and mood swings
  • Increased anxiety or depression
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty sleeping or nightmares
  • Self-destructive behaviors
  • Social isolation
  • Lack of interest in activities or loved ones

If you recognize the physical or emotional signs of nursing home neglect, you need to speak to your loved one as soon as possible. Some people in nursing homes may not willingly discuss their neglect, due to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, or ungratefulness. If this is the case, you may need to start the conversation, to help your loved one open up about their experiences.


If a nursing home is neglecting your loved one’s needs, you need to seek justice and fair compensation for their suffering. The nursing home abuse attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO are prepared to help you build a strong legal case on your loved one’s behalf. We understand the importance of protecting your loved one, and we are prepared to fight with you through every step of your lawsuit. You need to act quickly to put an end to this neglect, so contact us at (703) 538-1138 today.