Wage and Salary Verdict for WNBA Player

Jan 27, 2000 | admin

Benjamin Boscolo recently won a significant case on behalf of a professional basketball player. He represented a Washington Mystics player who plays in the WNBA. At issue was how to properly calculate the basketball player’s average weekly wage. The Mystics attempted to argue that the player’s average weekly wage should be determined by dividing the wages paid her during the season, May 15 to September 15, by the total number of weeks (52) in a year. Mr. Boscolo argued that the player’s salary should be determined by the number of weeks during which the player was actually paid (May 15 thru September 15), since professional basketball players are not paid additional salary during the off-season. An additional issue in the case involved the player’s ability to select a doctor of her own choosing to treat her injuries, rather than the Mystics team physician. Mr. Boscolo successfully convinced the judge on both legal issues. As a result, his client’s average weekly wage is three times higher than what the Mystics argued, affording her greater benefits and the right to choose her own treating physician for medical care.

Mr. Boscolo’s skillful representation benefits all the Mystics players. Congratulations to his client—and to Ben himself. The Mystics players are happy they had a Lawyer that Cares!