Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Verdict Against Geico

Feb 09, 2000 | admin

This case is yet another example of an insurance company not doing the right thing and ChasenBoscolo holding it accountable. Our client had a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy with GEICO. He had a car accident, which required medical care and treatment. When our client submitted medical bills pursuant to the PIP policy, GEICO refused to pay the full charges of the medical provider. Had we not fought for this client, he would have been responsible for the outstanding balance. Although the difference was only $197.50, ChasenBoscolo Attorney Mike Reiter was not going to let GEICO have its way. We filed suit against GEICO. After a district court trial in Prince George’s County, GEICO lost yet again against a ChasenBoscolo attorney. Even though the disputed amount was small, ChasenBoscolo fought big to hold the insurance company accountable. Our client was delighted with his results and that we held GEICO accountable. Great job Mike Reiter!