Medical Care and Lost Wages for Injured Painter

Jan 25, 2000 | admin

Jeff Tittsworth recently won a jury trial for one of our clients in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our client was employed as a painter for the University of Maryland. In 2006, he fell off a ladder, sustaining injuries to his right shoulder that led to a right rotator cuff surgical repair. After the right shoulder surgery, our client found it very difficult and painful to use his right arm to perform overhead activities. Therefore, when he returned to work, he utilized his left arm more.As a result of the repetitive use of his left arm, he developed a left shoulder impingement. The Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund (the insurance company for the University of Maryland) argued our client’s left shoulder problems were not the result of his accident and refused our client medical treatment. Not satisfied with the insurance company’s denial, Mr. Tittsworth requested a hearing before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. Unfortunately, the Workers’ Compensation Commission agreed with the insurance company. Still refusing to accept a denial, Jeff Tittsworth appealed the Commission’s decision, and after a trial, he successfully convinced a jury to overturn the Commission’s decision. Our client is now entitled to medical care for his left shoulder, lost wages and compensation for the permanent injuries. Way to go, Jeff! Our client is glad he got a Lawyer that Cared enough to keep fighting the insurance company!