Medical Care and Lost Wages for Custodian Injured at Work

Jan 21, 2000 | admin

Benjamin Boscolo successfully tried a jury trial this week entitling his client to a seven-level neck surgery. Ben represented a custodian who had been employed by Washington County Board of Education for 29 years. He was injured when a cafeteria table fell on him and knocked him to the ground. Ultimately, our client was recommended to undergo neck surgery to help his disabling pain. The board of education retained a medical expert to evaluate our client. That doctor reported that our client had a simple neck strain which should have resolved 8-12 weeks after the accident. He also reported our client’s need for neck surgery was not caused by the work accident, but necessary due to arthritis.

At a hearing, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission agreed with the Board of Education and denied our client surgery. Ben appealed and showed the jury the truth—our client’s need for surgery was caused by the accident. As a result of getting a Lawyer that Cares, our client will be able to undergo the neck surgery, receive wages while recovering from the surgery and will be entitled to permanent disability benefits. Great job, Ben!