Confidential Settlement for Injured Transit Authority Worker

Sep 10, 2012 | admin

On September 11, 2012, Amy Schaeffer tried a jury trial against Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), and succeeded in obtaining a finding that our client injured her back because of her job at WMATA.

Our client was injured when she was performing a voluntary overtime shift cleaning rail cars. Although she didn’t have a specific accident occur while working, she strained her back and missed three months of work because she was doing the hard, physically demanding work her employer had asked her to do.

WMATA fought the claim, arguing that our client had not sustained an “”accidental injury.”” They argued that although she was hurt on the job, she was not entitled to the protection and rights afforded under workers’ compensation law because a specific “”accident”” never occurred. The Workers’ Compensation Commission agreed with WMATA and denied our client’s claim. Ms. Schaeffer disagreed with the Commission’s finding and appealed the case to the Circuit Court.

Prior to the trial, WMATA offered our client a minimal settlement. They stated our client was a “”liar”” and would not offer more because of that belief. Our client declined the offer, a decision Ms. Schaeffer supported. Throughout the trial, WMATA repeatedly argued for dismissal. Each time, Ms. Schaeffer was successful and was able to have the jury hear the case.

The jury rightfully believed our client and found in her favor. She is now entitled to medical care for her back, lost wages and compensation for any permanent disability she sustained. The lost wages and future permanent disability awarded will likely be four times the amount of money WMATA offered to settle the case.