$308,000 for Injured Carpenter

Jan 14, 2000 | admin

Amy Schaeffer recently settled her client’s case for an additional $119,000. That amount, coupled with the benefits she previously secured for her client, totals more than $308,000 for her client. Ms. Schaeffer’s client worked as a carpenter and while fixing a roof he slipped and fell, striking his arm on the roof.ChasenBoscolo helped obtain the medical treatment our client needed for his arm and neck conditions, as well as securing monetary benefits, enabling our client to support his family while he was recuperating. Unfortunately, our client had permanent problems and he couldn’t return to carpentry work.Our firm advocated for our client to enroll in a job search and job re-training program, during which he was also paid temporary total disability benefits to help support his family.After this program ended, our client sought and received permanent partial disability benefits from the Workers’ Compensation Commission.Ms. Schaeffer did not believe our client had been adequately compensated for his permanent disability by the Commission, and therefore appealed his case to the Circuit Court.While our client’s case was on appeal, Ms. Schaeffer was able to settle his case for an amount that fairly compensated our client for his permanent disability he suffered as a result of his fall.Our client and his family were glad they had a Lawyer that Cares on their side.