$280,000 for Auto Accident Victim

Aug 11, 2014 | admin

In August 2014, Kevin Hadden represented a client who was injured when another driver fell asleep behind the wheel and caused a significant three-car collision. By failing to drive safely, the defendant caused our client to suffer a herniation in his lower back that required surgery to repair. The insurance company refused to make any settlement offers for four years, but neither Kevin nor his client gave in to the delays of the insurance company. While the lawsuit was pending, the insurance company filed a motion asking the court to rule that the injuries were not caused by the automobile collision. Kevin vigorously argued against the motion and the court ruled in our client’s favor. Shortly after winning the motion, Kevin was able to obtain a settlement of $280,000 for our client, proving that Lawyers that Care are willing to fight for the long haul for their clients.