$225,000 Premises Liability Settlement

Oct 10, 2014 | admin

In October 2014, Mike Reiter represented a client who was injured because of negligence from the apartment complex where he lived. The apartment complex failed to inspect and maintain its property even though they knew that there had been a problem with residents throwing broken beer bottles around on its property for years. Unfortunately, some of those broken bottles ended up in a bush where our client was playing hide and go seek with his friends, and he ended up lacerating his hand on the glass, which ultimately caused nerve damage and required surgery to his left hand. Travelers Insurance initially refused to make any offer, denying that the apartment complex did anything wrong. A lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County. After the litigation process started, Travelers eventually changed their stance and the case ultimately settled for $225,000. Our client was overjoyed with Mr. Reiter’s success and, like many other injured victims helped by ChasenBoscolo, was glad he got a Lawyer that Cared.