$180,486 for Injured Shoppers Food Warehouse Employee

Jul 18, 2011 | admin

On July 20, 2011, Jeff Tittsworth successfully represented our client before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission and secured a significantly higher settlement than what was initially offered. Our client sustained serious shoulder injuries while hanging display signs when employed by Shoppers Food Warehouse. She required five surgeries, including two arthroscopic procedures and reconstruction of her right biceps, as a result of her injuries. The doctor our client was referred to by Shoppers Food Warehouse indicated that she had impairments of 3 percent to left shoulder and 2 percent to right shoulder, which would have resulted in benefits totaling $2,850. We found this negligent assessment and compensation proposal to be unfair, and we proceeded with the hearing. Thanks to Mr. Tittsworth’s efforts, the Commission ruled that our client had a 50 percent disability and was entitled to $180,486 in damages. We secured substantially greater benefits and far exceeded the insurance company’s doctor’s suggestion—our client got a Lawyer that Cared and was elated with the results.