$173,600 for Workplace Back Injury

Jan 18, 2000 | admin

Last week Amy Schaeffer settled her client’s case for an additional $115,000 than was previously awarded by the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Our client injured his back in 2008 while working as a selector. He received treatment and, eventually, job-search services. Throughout much of this time we secured temporary total disability benefits to be paid to our client.

Eventually, however, our client’s condition reached the point of maximum medical improvement and became permanent. At that time, we filed issues for permanent disability benefits. Before the hearing, our client’s former employer offered to fund an annuity with $50,000, which meant he would receive a few hundred dollars a week until the money ran out. Neither Ms. Schaeffer nor our client believed that was enough to compensate our client for the permanent disability he suffered as a result of his back condition.

We proceeded to a hearing and the Commission found that our client had sustained a 40 percent permanent disability as a result of the accident—which equaled $58,600. Ms. Schaeffer did not agree with that finding and recommended an appeal. Our client agreed, and an appeal was filed. Shortly before trial, after much discussion between parties, the employer agreed with Ms. Schaeffer’s point of view and acknowledged our client’s serious injuries as a result of the work-related accident.

Our client settled his case for an additional $115,000 lump-sum payment, with his right to future medical treatment remaining open. Adding the permanent disability benefits awarded by the Commission with the settlement, Ms. Schaeffer secured a total of $173,600 in permanent disability money for our client. Our client will receive about $120,000 more than what the employer originally offered due to Ms. Schaeffer not accepting anything less than what our client deserved and continuously fighting for his rights.