$150,000 for Injured Car Accident Victim

Mar 21, 2018 | admin

ChasenBoscolo attorneys Ben Boscolo, Elizabeth Payne-Maddalena and Alicia Kimi scored another major victory for one of our Virginia clients. Our client was a passenger in a car that was hit by the defendant when he ran a red light. As a result of the defendant running that light, our client suffered permanent injuries to her neck, as well as post-concussive symptoms. Because of her injuries, the client ended up losing her job. Before the case went to trial, the defendant’s insurance company tendered its policy limits of $50,000, but our client’s own insurance company wouldn’t offer anything from her own underinsured motorist coverage. The insurance companies made us take the case to trial, even though the defendant admitted he caused the crash by running a red light. Virginia laws prohibited us from telling the jury at trial that our client’s own underinsured motorist coverage was even involved, but the jury saw through the insurance companies’ games and awarded our client a $150,000 verdict. Once again, ChasenBoscolo fought for our client’s interests and rights to get her the compensation she deserved despite the many hurdles created by the insurance companies.

ChasenBoscolo knows how insurance companies work and the tactics they use to try to keep our clients from getting true justice for their injuries. ChasenBoscolo attorneys also know insurance companies’ tactics when it comes to concussions and brain injuries. To learn more about concussions or traumatic brain injuries and how ChasenBoscolo wants to help, check out attorney Ben Boscolo’s recent blog post on the topic.