$140,000 in Benefits and Back Pay for Injured Worker

Jan 09, 2000 | admin

Amy Schaeffer recently secured an additional $80,000 for a client, on top of the nearly $60,000 she had previously acquired. Our client, who was employed as a painter for an apartment complex, injured her neck and back while removing a liner from a trash can. After a year and a half of medical treatment, our client’s doctor recommended neck surgery. The workers’ compensation insurance company refused to pay for the surgery and cut off our client’s benefits. The insurance company had our client evaluated by two of their doctors who prepared reports which stated that our client did not need surgery. After a hearing, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission agreed with the insurance company and ruled against our client. Disagreeing with the commission, and believing our client, Ms. Schaeffer appealed the case to the Circuit Court for Montgomery County. Ms. Schaeffer won the trial, thereby entitling our client to the necessary neck surgery as well as about $25,000 in benefits back pay.

Once our client concluded her medical care, Ms. Schaeffer pursued permanent disability benefits for her before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. The commission awarded our client benefits, but Ms. Schaeffer believed our client was entitled to more than was awarded, so she filed another appeal. While the case was on appeal, the insurance company offered an additional $80,000. Our client was very happy that Ms. Schaeffer was a Lawyer that Cares who was willing to fight for her regardless of the insurance company’s denials and decisions of the commission. Ms. Schaeffer believed in our client and with lots of time and hard work, secured an additional $140,000 for our client from the insurance company.