$130,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Injured Maintenance Worker

Jan 13, 2000 | admin

Amy Schaeffer recently secured $130,000 for a client who injured his back removing a radiator in 2012. Our client performed maintenance work for the majority of his career, but after his back injury and subsequent surgery, he could not physically return to working in his field. Ms. Schaeffer fought to get her client into a job search program, during which time he was paid temporary disability benefits in order to support his family. Her client worked hard to help get himself into a higher education program in order to find a new job he could physically perform. Our client’s doctor eventually informed our client there was nothing more he could do to improve our client’s back condition that resulted from the on-the-job accident.

Once our client was safely secured in a higher education program and his future was stable, Ms. Schaeffer fought for our client to be paid $130,000 for his injury, with the right to future medical treatment as a result of the injury remaining open. This could not have been accomplished without the hard-working case manager our client had helping him along the way. We want to say a special thank you to Janette Quintanilla, who also worked with our client to help him get the benefits he deserved.