$100,000 for Worker Injured in Fall from Ladder

Feb 05, 2000 | admin

Congratulations to Amy Schaeffer on securing more than $100,000 in new benefits for our client! Our client fell from a ladder, which caused injury to her back and neck. For the first few years of her injury, she received conservative treatment. When she was initially brought before the Workers’ Compensation Commission, she received a permanent partial disability of 16 percent; however, after our client’s first disability hearing, her disability worsened and she was forced to undergo two back surgeries. Our client then went before the Workers’ Compensation Commission for a second time. The Commission stated her disability had only worsened by nine percent. Neither our firm nor the client agreed with the decision. While the case was on appeal to the Circuit Court, our client was forced to undergo a third surgery. We were able to secure a postponement of the trial to allow time for our client to heal. Then, right before our court date, the Employer/Insurer finally offered our client the money she deserved. More importantly, our client’s right to pursue future monetary benefits and future medical treatment remains intact.