$100,000 for Child Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Jan 16, 2000 | admin

Tom Teodori recently settled a case for a young child for the $100,000 policy limits. Tom’s client was 10 years old and he was a passenger in a motorcycle sidecar. The driver lost control of the motorcycle and the sidecar jumped the curb, struck a tree, and ricocheted off the tree into a fire hydrant. Our client ended up with medical bills totaling slightly less than $6,000. After lengthy negotiations, the insurance company ultimately offered $90,000, refusing to offer the $100,000 policy limit. Not satisfied with this offer, Tom and his client filed suit in order to demonstrate to the insurance company that they would accept nothing less than the $100,000. Within days of the lawsuit filing, the insurance company agreed to pay$100,000. Tom’s client now has a substantial amount of money put aside for his future college education. Although the insurance company wasn’t happy, Tom’s young client and his family were delighted they got a Lawyer that Cares.