Meliha Pérez Halpern

Meliha loves being there to both guide and support her clients after they have been injured and take action on their behalf. She loves getting to know her clients so she can share how client’s life was changed when it comes time to hold the wrongdoer accountable.

Sometimes Meliha and the CHASENBOSCOLO team can negotiate a settlement that meets her client’s expectation. Most of the time, she is required to sue to get justice and closure. Meliha is a trial lawyer at heart, but understands that trial is not always the best option for every client. Either way, Meliha is there to listen to and advise her clients on the pros and cons of each option. Together, Meliha and her client reach the best outcome for the client. She understands that each client is different and that the “best outcome” looks different for each client.

Meliha is proud to be born and raised in Puerto Rico. She came to the Washington, DC area for college and never left. She is fluent in Spanish, which provides her the opportunity to get to communicate directly with her Spanish speaking clients so that they fully understand all aspects of their case. She also understands French and is able to speak it enough to communicate with French-speaking clients.

Meliha is also very involved in the legal community. She is on the Board of Governors for the Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ) and is Co-Chair of the Mentoring Committee. As Co-Chair of the mentoring committee Meliha is working with the upcoming lawyers to give back as she has had and continues to have amazing mentors that have helped her grow.

When Meliha is not working on getting to know her clients and working on their cases, she loves spending time with her husband, son and dog (all boys). You can find her sitting outside playing with her boys, hanging out by the pool in the summer or at the fire pit during the cold of winter, spending time with friends or reading a book.

Last Updated : April 17, 2024