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If you or someone you love has been injured in a construction site accident and face an extended recuperation or rehabilitation and you’re worried how you’re going to cover your bills and mounting expenses, the construction accident attorneys at CHASENBOSCOLO are just a call away.

Across America, approximately 150,000 construction site accident injuries have been reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From coast to coast, 25 and 34 years old are more likely to be injured in a construction site accident than other age groups, with many of those accidents forcing people out of work. Construction workers must recover before heading back to job sites, but without work, bills don’t get paid.

CHASENBOSCOLO appreciates the work construction professionals do every day. When acts of negligence put workers out of commission, they deserve compensation. Every day, we work hard every day to fight injustices, and we’ll investigate your accident and work toward settling your case in a fair and efficient manner.

Need immediate help with filing your construction accident claim? We’re motivated to bring reckless employers and careless third-parties to justice. Reach our Maryland construction accident lawyers by phone at (301) 220-0050 anytime, day or night. We can also be reached online.

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    Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

    Law firms understand how to approach construction accident cases, and they’re well-prepared to handle complex cases. Construction accident lawyers recognize OSHA violations and can locate evidence to help back your claim, not wavering in their fight to get clients compensated. It takes long hours, trial experience, and a dedicated staff to fight claims properly.

    Workers are often intimidated by insurers and powerful companies that have access to legal professionals who spend their days defending claims made against their clients, even if those claims are legitimate. There are required procedures to get insurers and their attorneys to answer emails. More importantly, there’s a right way and wrong way to negotiate.

    Lawyers know what you’re up against and are willing to front costs to prove your claim. They’ll hire experts, investigate your accident thoroughly, and fight in court when necessary. Some cases require significant expenses that are injured people can’t afford.

    Above all else, you need a lawyer because deserve justice and should not have to pay out of your own pocket for someone else’s negligence.

    What Must I Prove in Construction Accidents?

    Construction accidents will follow the general principles of tort law. In proving another’s negligence caused your accident, we’re required to show evidence that:

    • An individual was responsible for your safety
    • Instead of looking out for your safety, an individual performed an action they knew may cause harm to you
    • Those actions resulted in an accident
    • The accident caused damages that affected you physically, financially, and emotionally

    Product liability claims, such as faulty drills, are possible if we prove you used that tool according to the manufacturer’s suggestion. If you did, we must show that using the tool caused an accident when used in the same manner as others would use it.

    Evidence that we could use to prove your case might include:

    • Photographs or video of the accident, if available
    • Witness testimony
    • Pictures of your injuries
    • Proof that an item was defective or evidence that a workplace hazard existed
    • Police reports, if applicable
    • The injury report submitted to your foreman or company

    CHASENBOSCOLO will use this evidence to help build your case, help fight your workers’ compensation claim or both. Each construction accident will require different types of proof, and you’ll need an experienced Maryland lawyer who is knowledgeable about safety regulations, product liabilities, and the construction field in general.

    Compensation for Construction Accidents

    Construction Accident Attorney In MarylandUnlike other areas of personal injury law, construction accidents could have several compensation scenarios at once. First, since your employer is required to carry workers’ comp insurance, you’ll want to file a claim. You may still qualify to file a third-party claim to recover additional damages if:

    • You were injured by malfunctioning equipment used on their respective construction projects
    • You were injured when scaffolding collapsed, and the scaffolding was erected by subcontractors and nonemployer contractors
    • Work performed by project managers, architects, or engineers caused your injury
    • You were hit by a vehicle that crashed into the job site

    As workers’ compensation laws prohibit employees from suing their place of employment, you would need to file separate legal action if the above, or similar, applies to your accident. In Maryland, workers’ compensation insurers can place liens on third-party settlements, which may lessen what you receive, aside from your benefits.

    Third-party damages may include:

    • Reimbursement for medical expenses that your health insurance wouldn’t cover
    • Payment for pain and suffering endured during and after the incident
    • Compensation for surviving family members in the event another’s negligence caused the worker to lose their life
    • Reimbursement for personal property that may have been near you or on your person

    If your claim is accepted, workers’ compensation replaces your wages. If your claim is denied, CHASENBOSCOLO will help appeal the decision until all appeals are exhausted, then we will file a civil action against your employer to recover those wages.

    Steps to Take After a Construction Site Accident

    Injured workers should take the following steps to attend to their health needs and to report the accident. The more significant the paper trail, the better off you’ll be when it’s time to file your claim in court.

    • Call 911. You’ll need prompt medical attention. Even if your foreman is standing next to you, make the call.
    • Report your accident. Your company will want to know the details surrounding your accident. Make sure the company takes down your report, which is procedural and necessary if filing for workers’ compensation benefits or for filing your injury claim properly.
    • Get statements and contact information from any accident witnesses. The more witnesses who can testify to the hazardous work area, the more ammunition we’ll have when discussing possible settlement terms with the responsible party.
    • Continue receiving medical care. You want to get better and return to normal life, so continue going to doctors and specialists and doing what they recommend, as our firm will fight to get these bills paid.
    • Phone CHASENBOSCOLO at (301) 220-0050. Our phones are answered around the clock. The sooner we can start working on your case, the quicker you might receive compensation.

    Construction accidents cause an extended undue hardship. Since injury victims will be without their regular income until they’re cleared to return to work, we strongly advise anyone who is injured to contact an experienced lawyer immediately to begin the process of filing paperwork in court.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Construction Accidents

    Accidents happen for numerous reasons, and we must investigate any potentially negligent parties. If an engineer, subcontractor, contractor, property owner or other third-party is identified as having caused your accident, you could be owed compensation in addition to the workers’ compensation benefits you are owed.

    As we’re familiar with carpenter’s unions, IBEW, and others, we’ll need to discuss your claim with your union steward or lawyer. Claims involving unions can become complicated, so we urge you to follow protocol in reporting the accident before contacting an attorney.

    Yes, you would have a legitimate claim if the tools were defective and caused electrocution, fire burns, explosions, or similar. We would track down the manufacturer who produced the faulty equipment, questioning whether your foreman or contracting company knew of the defect yet permitted you to use the tools.

    You may have a legitimate claim if the construction site was not adequately secured, and flying objects or hazards caused an injury. To validate your claim, we’d need to make sure the area where you walked was public domain and not private property.

    Any injured persons to seek legal help immediately after the accident. Because your claim could require workers’ compensation, personal injury, or product liability claim filing, we need to collect as much information as possible since each claim type has different statute of limitations.

    Our Experienced Construction Accident Lawyers Can Help

    We appreciate the hard work construction workers do. In return, we work hard to help injured workers get their claims filed properly, fighting the insurance company and others who are proven to be negligent in causing your accident. CHASENBOSCOLO is an established firm with over 30 years of experience helping workers just like you get the compensation they deserve after an accident on the job.

    Our consultations are always free, and we won’t charge you a thing unless we get compensation for you. Contact us at (301) 220-0050 or fill out a contact form to schedule a time to speak with our knowledgeable team today.