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Deanna: Most often injuries resulting from a car accident are related to the neck and back. If left untreated, this can cause years of agonizing pain.

Annette Vincent: I can move it, it just hurts at certain points, you know? When I turn it like that, that’s when it really really hurts.

Deanna: A drunk driver slammed into the driver side door of Annette Vincent’s car several months ago.

Annette Vincent: That night I had to go to emergency room and coundln’t move my neck at all. I hope it quits hurting.

Deanna: She’s now out of work and trying to cope with continuous shoulder, neck and back pain which sometimes leads her hand numb. Many of you can probably relate to Annette, back and neck injuries can affect how you sit, sleep and even play with your children. Even the smallest of an injury can really change your life. More severe neck injuries like a fracture or dislocation your neck may even damage the spinal cord and cause you to be paralyzed.

Tom Teodori: Vehicles are built to absorbed impact, but that gets transferred to the occupants of the vehicle so you undergo an acceleration and deceleration to injury to your neck and your back, which stretches and strange the ligaments and supporting structures or potentially more serious injuries. The other areas that we frequently see injuries are Worker’s Compensation claims where somebody has some sort of lifting injury or suffer some sort of trauma where he forces been inflicted upon them injuring their neck and or their back.

Doctor: Treating your pain means first diagnosing exactly where the pain is coming from. An orthopedist may want to do an MRI or CT scan. Most patients are than treated successfully with rest, medicine and physical therapy, however, when neck and back pain persists or is chronic the doctor may recommend surgery to reduce pressure on the spinal cord caused by a herniated disc. Plasma disk decompression is a surgery that can help correct back and neck injuries. The procedure uses electrical energy combined the conductive medium such a saline solution to form plasma that gently dissolves the soft tissue at relatively low temperatures and essentially decompress the herniated disk. A recent study by The European Neurosurgical Institute Can included in your review more than 1000 patients treated with PDD, 79% reported excellent or good alleviation of pain and symptoms.

Deanna: Because back pain is sometimes difficult to treat, a better understanding of what causes that I will certainly help speed up your recovery.

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