$61,000 and Lifetime Medical Care for Nurse Who Slipped and Fell at Work

Jan 17, 2000 | admin

ChasenBoscolo attorneys recently achieved a great result for one of our Virginia workers’ compensation clients. Our client worked as a registered nurse for the same employer for 15 years. As she reported to work on a wintry morning in January 2011, she slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk as she approached the entrance to her building. She sustained injuries to her left knee and left shoulder. After she filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, the insurance company denied her claim arguing that our client had not yet arrived at work, and thus the insurance company was not responsible for her injuries. Not satisfied with the insurance company’s denial, ChasenBoscolo requested a hearing on our client’s behalf. Unfortunately, after that hearing, our client’s claim was denied. Not satisfied, ChasenBoscolo appealed the decision. This time, the Full Commission issued an order awarding our client more than two years of back pay totaling in excess of $61,000 and lifetime medical care for her left knee and shoulder injuries. The insurance company then appealed the decision to the Virginia Court of Appeals, and on May 7, 2013, the Court unanimously affirmed the award of benefits to our client. She was delighted that she had Lawyers that Care and lawyers that were willing to fight the insurance company to the bitter end in order to see justice served. Well done and congrats to our attorneys.