$21,957 for Delivery Driver Injured at Work

Apr 09, 2011 | admin

On April 19, 2011, Joseph Yahr secured $21,975 for a Maryland truck driver/delivery man who injured his shoulder. While unloading a truck, our client slipped and fell inside a restaurant. He missed one month from work due to his injuries, before returning full time as a truck driver/delivery man. Since the accident was work-related, we filed a workers’ compensation claim in order for him to secure his lost wages, payment of medical bills and compensation for his permanent shoulder injury. The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission awarded $3,990 to our client for his shoulder injury. Not believing that our client was fairly compensated, we appealed the case to the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County. As a result of Mr. Yahr’s successful efforts, the jury awarded our client $21,975, or more than five and half times the benefits originally awarded by the Workers’ Compensation Commission.