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ChasenBoscolo has been helping clients for more than 25 years and our Maryland, Virginia & Washington, D.C., injury attorneys take pride in having the time to listen, solve and explain the complicated Social Security Disability benefits application and appeals process. We level with you because we care—that’s how we operate.

Deanna: For more than 50 years, the Social Security Administration has helped workers and their families recover when someone becomes disabled and loses their job. But, over the past few years, the system has become so bogged down with the number of disability cases, that it’s forced many to wait for years before cases are settled and money is paid out. Jeff Slayden is one of those left waiting for months.

Jeff Slayden: It’s bad, it’s bad. We’re about ready to lose each other.

Deanna: Being out of work and disabled has really taken a toll on Jeff Slayden and his family.

Jeff Slayden: I got disabled because of diabetes, neuropathy, and went to try to get disability, and they denied me.

Deanna: He was denied twice, actually, and he’s not alone. In some states, the Social Security Administration denies more than 80% of first-time applicants.

Cindy Slayden: I know there are people out there that are capable of working that are trying to get Social Security, so look into it a little, investigate, but don’t tell someone “no,”—especially like my husband, who’ve had toes amputated, a foot amputated.

Deanna: More than two years later–and with the help of an attorney–Jeff and his family of six only receive a little more than $600 a month. Hiring an attorney greatly enhances your chances of approval. In some states, up to 85% of people who seek legal representation receive Social Security benefits, and in a time that makes more since.

Cindy Slayden: If a doctor says you are physically unable to work, then Social Security should accept that.

Deanna: Things you can do to help speed up your case include determining if you’re eligible. Social Security defines being disabled as not being able to work due to a medically determined mental or physical impairment that could last for a year or more. You must also be under 65 years old and have worked and paid into the program five of the past ten years.

Deanna: Also, make sure you prepare accurate medical records. They are required to convince the government to provide benefits.

Deanna: File immediately, and pack your patience—as the average wait time for an appeal is almost a year and a half.

Deanna: Reporting for the EXP News Network, I’m Deanna Lambert.

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