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Government fraud committed by businesses costs American taxpayers billions of dollars each year. To help combat this problem, the federal government provides financial rewards to employees who report evidence of overbilling, cost cutting and other types of fraud at our country’s expense. If your employer is profiting from abuse of government programs or contracts, you may be eligible for compensation.

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Types of Government Fraud Claims

If your employer has defrauded the government to increase its profits, our government whistleblower attorneys want to help.

Common types of government fraud claims include:

  • Medicare or Medicaid Fraud
    Healthcare companies that increase their profits by promoting unnecessary treatments, receiving illegal kickbacks and seeking increased reimbursements for medical care cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year.
  • Government Contract Fraud
    From highway improvement projects to military defense needs, the government relies on private contractors to complete tasks vital to our nation’s well-being. However, in some cases, contractors waste money or take shortcuts by overbilling for jobs, misrepresenting their work and sourcing equipment from countries without U.S. trade agreements.
  • Pharmaceutical Fraud
    Billions of dollars are on the line every time a drug is launched, and pharmaceutical corporations profit from getting their new products to market as fast as possible. But when they attempt to gain an unfair advantage by covering up potential drug injury risks, illegally marketing drugs for unapproved uses or incentivizing doctors to use their products, innocent Americans suffer.
  • Tax Fraud
    When companies avoid paying the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) their fair share in taxes, it can cost the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. The Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 created an IRS Whistleblower Office to help bring noncompliant taxpayers to justice.

How Do Government Whistleblower Claims Work?

Whistleblower claims—also referred to as qui tam lawsuits—allow current or former employers to expose a company’s abuse of the federal government. When claims are successful, the government pays a percentage of the compensation to the whistleblower. Since 2000, top whistleblower awards have met or surpassed $100 million.

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